Sometimes there simply isn’t the time to make a delicious and interesting breakfast in the morning. This is why I often make things like these amazing porridge muffins on a weekend so that I always have a great breakfast to pick up when I am on the go. I am probably one of the biggest fan of oats there is. They, thank goodness, are something I am not intolerant to, and I REALLY make the most of this. Oats are so high in fibre and I find they are the best way to start the day since they keep you full and energized through the morning. This recipe uses sprouted oats which add a really interesting flavour to this recipe, and they are also easier to digest than other oats. I use the Rude Health Sprouted Oats.

This recipe is definitely one of my favourites not only because it tastes so good, but because it is so simple! It is quite simply like having your morning bowl of porridge in a muffin! This is such a great and fulfilling breakfast for everyone, and is suitable for those of you who are nut-free.

Makes 10