With the Olympics just a couple of days away, and what seems like an endless supply of desserts being baked up in my kitchen, I’ve been inspired to get back into my lycra and on to the exercise bike! Since getting back from Malaysia, it’s taken me a while to get my head out of holiday mode and work my way through one VERY full email inbox, but I’m finally back into the swing of things and working up a sweat in the early morning Psycle classes. bar 5

I’ve been working with The National Lottery on their food champions campaign, trying out lots of their 40 recipes! Each one is designed by an incredible olympic athlete who, working alongside the English Institute of Sport,  has designed  a recipe to fuel their workouts and improve their performance. It’s a project aimed at providing people with nutritionally balanced and easy meals and whilst I am no olympic athlete, I thought I should try some of them out.

You can get the full recipe HERE on the Food Champions website, along side 39 other recipes created by amazing athletes who have tailored each one to their individual sports!

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