If you have been following me for a while, it’s no secret that I am often red faced and drenched in sweat (no shame here). I love an intense session to start my morning as I find that this helps me clear my head (thank you 2am brainstorm about packaging) and make room for all of the yummy treats baked by my elves. Below I have included some of my favourite spots to get your heart racing and ensure you waddle out of the gym secretly wanting more.


Taken from Women’s Health

BXR is my latest and greatest obsession. This is the place to go if you want to drip in sweat and struggle to hold a pen for the rest of the day. The skills and cardio sessions are my go to. The determination it takes to get through a VersaClimber class is something I never knew I had, it is so rewarding when you climb to the top of your imaginary mountain. However if this isn’t for you, the boxing sessions will leave you hot, sweaty and trembling (more fun than it sounds, promise). BXR is the perfect way to start the week and crawl for the rest of the day, you’re welcome. 


Taken from Just Opened London

My long term and slightly neglected friend, I am back. If you want a heart pounding, low impact, full body challenge, Psycle ride is for you. Having recently unveiled their new bikes, you can guarantee that the added resistance levels will leave your muscles crying. However, the atmosphere and post workout treats from the energy kitchen will most definitely leave you wanting more. I am a self-confessed Psycle addict and it feels great to be back, Ride 90 I am coming for you! 

Barry’s Bootcamp

Taken from Get The Gloss

Barry’s doesn’t take mercy on the weak. This is hands down one of the hardest and most rewarding classes I have ever been to. Branding itself the ‘red light district’, you will be thankful for the dimmed lights when you are quickly turning a shade of crimson as you sprint up a hill (your bum will thank you eventually). There is no doubt that this class takes determination, but the atmosphere and drive of your peers makes it easy to start a silent competition and achieve more than you thought was possible (especially after 4 brownies and copious amounts of peanut butter). Barry’s is not for the faint hearted but welcomes everyone and anyone, all you need is determination and to pre order your shake at the fuel bar so you can crawl out with a happy tummy.