At Livia’s Kitchen we are constantly on the search for the best natural baking ingredients that we can find. As non-stop bakers our resources are always depleted so we need to find stores with the best and biggest quantities. We always get asked about the ingredients that we use and where we find them, so we thought it would be helpful to put together a list of where to buy natural baking ingredients both online and around London.

Buy Whole Foods Online  

This is our favourite place for a bit of online shopping, especially when we are buying in bulk. They have varying quantities, which means you can buy 250g of cacao powder or, if you are really in the mood for a serious baking session you can buy 25kg! They have a huge variety of different products on offer, meaning you can buy all of your favourite snacks as well as your baking ingredients. Buy Whole Foods Online will also deliver all of your ingredients directly to your door. You really won’t beat the good price and high quality. They’re also running a special New Year offer too so make sure you don’t miss out! 


Wholefoods is the perfect store for browsing exciting new ingredients. Without a doubt, every trip that we take we end up buying everything and anything in sight. They have so many amazing brands of chocolate, cereals and lots of new dairy-free yogurts. It is incredibly fun shopping in Wholefoods, but quite often what we buy comes with a hefty price tag. Our advice is to go with a list of the natural baking ingredients that you want to find so you can get in and out. However if you have some time to kill and a deep pocket, head to their South Kensington store and enjoy getting lost in the maze of delicious treats and ingredients.

Planet Organic

Planet Organic is another one of our favourite spots for natural baking ingredients in London. This store is always fully stocked with a vast amount of interesting snacks and ingredients, offering an endless amount of inspiration for your next delicious recipe creation! They also have lots of their own brand snacks and ingredients. This gives you lots of options when you are browsing the shelves (their Rawkin’Roons are delicious). And for all of you that don’t have the chance to browse the shelves in London,  Planet Organic has an online shop and nationwide delivery, so you can order all of your natural baking ingredients and treats whenever you are in the UK. 


Our favourite shop for general ingredients and a variety, Ocado has it all. Not only can you fulfil your daily grocery needs you can also stock up on lots of healthy treats. They also stock our Raw Millionaire Bites (yum)! We have at least one Ocado delivery a week to our office and they never fail to impress us with their high quality ingredients and friendly customer service. They have such a flexible approach to their delivery. You can pick an hourly slot and adding items to your basket up until the evening before. You definitely need to check out Ocado if you want to get into online food shopping. They wont disappoint!

For snack inspiration, make sure you check out our blog on our favourite vegan snacks, made with all natural baking ingredients.