A couple of weeks ago I asked on my Instagram if anyone had any ideas for videos that they were particularly interested in seeing. Blender free snacks came up a couple of times so I thought that I would show you all what I make (usually when I am feeling too lazy to wash up my food processor.) They are all so quick and simple and great to enjoy as breakfast, dessert or on the go!

Crunchy Granola Cluster Balls:-

I’m going a bit crazy with the granola recipes at the moment but these have to be my favourite yet – they’re like the best, most clumpy bits of every box of granola!

granola ball 3

Raw Cinnamon and Date cookies:-

These are so simple and a great way to use dates without a processor! You could also change them up and add cacao and chopped hazelnuts or coconut and vanilla!

3 recipes

Raspberry Porridge Squares:-

This is a slight adaption on one of my favourite and most popular recipes – Blueberry Porridge Squares!!

raspberry porridge square 2