5 Ways to Use Almond Butter

It’s not a coincidence that I use almond butter in a lot of recipes. I absolutely love it. It’s so indulgent, versatile and adds a great texture. Plus, a little goes a long way, as it helps you to stay fuller for longer and keep you energised throughout the day. There are a lot of great nut butter brands out there now, so there’s no need to make your own; I love meridian and pip and nut, both of which luckily come in kg tubs for any of you nut butter fiends.

I must admit, I was very tempted to add ‘eaten straight from the jar’ to this list, but there are more exciting ways to use almond butter (arguably!) In fact, it can be added in so many ways to make a recipe that extra bit special. Here are my favourites…

Using almond butter in a cake is so dreamy! The Chocolate Almond Butter Cake is one of my favourite recipes in the book. Gooey, chocolatey and indulgent, it makes the perfect celebration centre piece.  It’s my go-to recipe for birthdays, and I can honestly say that it’s the best Chocolate cake I’ve had (not to mention the avocado & AB frosting which I will eat in, on and with just about anything!)

A chocolate cup filled with peanut butter is a classic. I love making my own, as it’s a simple way to make them healthier and add lots of different flavours. These ones from the blog have almond butter at the centre instead, to which vanilla and maca are added to make the flavour even better. So much deliciousness in one bite.

Almond butter has many amazing combinations, but banana has to be one of the best. As a simple breakfast or snack, almond butter stirred into mashed banana, then dolloped on toast, has to be my recommendation.  I’ve also been known to eat it straight from the bowl with COYO, brown rice puffs and a drizzle of honey! It’s delicious, comforting, and will keep you going during a busy day.  Topped with extra slices of banana and a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds there is nothing better!

Who doesn’t love a good flapjack? And just like almond butter, they’re so versatile. As an on-the-go-snack, an afternoon treat, and even breakfast – flapjacks are always a good choice. Although traditional recipes often use a lot of butter, almond butter is the perfect switch. I love this Almond Butter Flapjack recipe from the blog. They’re sticky and sweet from the honey and date syrup, whilst the almond butter provides healthy fats and protein to keep you satisfied. It’s a win-win!

Or porridge, scones, pancakes…  and just about anything else! There isn’t a lot that Almond Butter can’t be added to if I’m honest. But, if you haven’t tried the heavenly combination of raw millionaire bites and almond butter, then it’s a must. I love to warm mine up and smother them in nut butter – believe me, you won’t regret it!