Avocado’s are one of my favourite ingredients, I truly can’t remember the last day I didn’t eat one! More often than not I have them mixed through my salad at lunch time but I also love to include them in both sweet and savoury recipes. It’s such an amazing ingredient to have in your fridge because of the huge number of ways you can use it and all the different textures it can add to a wide variety of dishes. I thought I would list my favourite avocado recipes below so that you could try incorporating it into your diet in some new and exciting ways. Let me know if you have any other interesting ways of using avocados!


1. Avocado and Mushroom Risotto

Avocado is such an amazing addition to risotto because it has the same creamy texture that you would expect from a conventional risotto but it doesn’t need you to stand over it stirring it!


2. Avocado Pesto

Traditional pesto is one of my favourite sauces and while you can’t really beat the traditional recipe, avocado creates a creamier version which feels less oily and is really delicious stirred through pasta, courgetti or even as a dip.



3. Butterbean Salad

This butterbean salad is the perfect salad to make in huge batches and take to barbecues or summer lunches but it is equally good as a quick and simple dinner on top of a big baked sweet potato.



4. Chocolate Frosting

This has to be one of my most used recipes – I use it time and time again on top of all different cakes, brownies and desserts! It’s so delicious that half of it usually ends up being eaten straight off the spoon.

Raw Brownie


(Photo by Charlotte Kibbles)

5. Orange-cado Brownies

Adding avocado to brownies is something I never would have imagined doing but I love how fudgy it makes them!

orange brownie 3