8 ways to boost office efficiency

In a long work day it’s easy to get distracted, so in this post we’ve listed 8 ways to boost office efficiency! Here are all the tips and tricks that we use daily to make sure that we’re always getting the best out of our work day. We hope this will help you get more efficient in your everyday job routine.

1. Every Monday, make a plan for the week ahead

Having a plan of what should be done every day gives you small targets to aim at during the week. In the morning you can easily see what you have to do that day which we find motivating here in the office. It’s also quite satisfying to tick everything off that you’ve done during the day!

2. Have a proper break during lunch hour

Even though it’s easy to get lost in the never ending email inbox it’s so important to have a proper break during lunch! Usually giving your brain a break during the day makes you more productive and focused in the afternoon compared to not having a proper break. During our lunch breaks in the office we like to go for a walk, make fresh lunches and have a chat about what we’re all working on (without laptops) when we eat.

This kitchen gets a lot of love during lunch

3. Turn off notifications on your phone…

…and make sure that it’s facing downwards on the table so that you don’t get disturbed. There are so many studies on how much phones effect our productivity at work and we can definitely notice the effect of not having them around all the time.

4. Have a quick break every now and then to rest your mind

As we mentioned earlier, having a proper lunch break is very important, but so is having smaller breaks during the day. In our office this usually means a tea and snack break in the morning or afternoon. We also like playing a few rounds of Boggle when we need a quick break or taking a quick 5 minute walk around the block with our Commercial Director’s dog Pippin!

Fresh mint tea, fudge bites (recipe on my instagram) & crumble squares from my book

5. Help out with different projects

Spending a lot of the time doing repetitive work over and over gets a bit boring and can also make you unfocused which leads to mistakes being made. Therefore, it’s important to do things out of the ordinary work day sometimes or out of your usual remit. For example, you could help a colleague with a project that you wouldn’t usually be involved in. In our office we also love to take in turns to do store samplings, go to trade shows and have walking meetings.

While we have walking meetings our office dog Pippin gets to play in the park

6. Use instant message instead of e-mails

A lot of the time using emails internally only make it take longer to progress in a situation. When emails aren’t needed we use Slack and WhatsApp to make conversations quicker in our office. This works better for us than having to send emails back and forth. But don’t get us wrong, it all depends on the situation and we still use email when it’s needed!

7. A good morning workout class

Working out brings so much positivity in your day to day life. Starting the day with a good workout helps us stay focused throughout the day. We also feel that it boosts energy levels which is important to be on top performance throughout the day. There’s a blogpost about our favourite workout classes on the blog which you can check out here!

These pictures are from an old workout video on my youtube channel, check it out here

8. Eating the right food.

Another key to keep energy levels high and sustained is to eat the right food. This is especially important if you work out! With “the right food” we mean whole foods, such as vegetables, quinoa and fruit. Food that’s great for you combined with lots of water will help power your body and ensure you are ready for hard work.

Boost Office Productivity by eating whole foods

We hope that these tips on how to boost office efficiency have helped you! If you want to follow our day to day office life you can check out my Instagram. Let us know if you have any more tips in the comments below!