9 Inspirational Women Founders Share How They ‘Treat Themselves Better’

In celebration International Women’s Day I have asked 9 inspirational women founders how they “treat themselves better” during the madness of it all. All these women are founders from some of my favourite brands and somewhere along my business journey I have learnt something from each of them. They are all smashing it and I wanted to find out how they still manage to find time to treat themselves. It’s so important to take that time out for yourself and everyone deserves to. #BETTERTREATYOURSELF

Sarah Kauss, Founder and CEO, S’well 
 9 inspirational women founders - Sarah Kauss
I love to take our boat out on the water and watch the sunset. My phone goes into hiding and my family gets all of me during that time.”

Sadie Reid, Founder and Editor, Hip & Healthy

 9 inspirational women founders - Sadie Reid

“This question would have a very different answer at different points of my life. As Livia knows – when I just gave birth my ‘treat myself’ moment was a cup of tea and 10,0000 biccy bombs as that was all I could carve out in a day and just gave me the time and the energy to feel a little more human. Right now though, my babies are 10 months and 4 years, and I am able to find a little more me-time these days – which I now use for an outdoor run, hotpod yoga class or Barrys Bootcamp session. A really good sweat helps me come back to myself again and gives my mind the break it needs to be a better boss, a better parent and a better me.”

Tamara Hill-Norton, Founder, Sweaty Betty

 9 inspirational women founders - Tamara Hill-Norton

“To me treating yourself better is all about making time for the things you love. For me this is going to a yoga class, scheduling time to see my girlfriends and enjoying that piece of cake or cocktail when I want it, it’s all about balance.”

Holly Anna Scarsella, Founder, Pampelone Clothing

 9 inspirational women founders

“For me, treating yourself better and taking time for you isn’t as obvious as a spa or beauty treatments etc, it’s actually learning to say no to things I do not need to go to but may feel obliged, and learning that it’s okay to be overwhelmed, cancel all plans and just be. That for me is the ultimate luxury.”

Elsie Rutterford and and Dominika Minarovic, Founders, BYBI Beauty

 9 inspirational women founders

“Lunch time for us is all about treating ourselves better. We make a point to leave the office, have a walk in the fresh air, eat something great and chat about non-related things. Even if we’re on the go or it’s only 30 minutes, it’s a great way to refocus for the afternoon.”

Renée Elliott, Founder, Planet Organic

 9 inspirational women founders

“I treat myself better by doing Transcendental Meditation every day and by making a matcha for myself with a bamboo whisk in a beautiful cup every afternoon.”

Camilla Barnard, Founder, Rude Health 

 9 inspirational women founders

“When I had children, I switched from showering to bathing. It was the only time in the day when I could shut the door and relax – necessary bliss.  The kids are teenagers now but I still have my relaxing bath.”

Bethany Eaton, Co-Founder, Nush Foods

 9 inspirational women founders

“I always book time in my diary for a workout, this is my ‘me’ time, I drop the kids to school and have an hour to myself three days a week! If its in my diary then I make it happen and book everything else around it. I also love a good massage and if I’m busy I use Secret Spa to come to my house,  I light some candles and chill!”

Amelia Harvey, Co-Founder, The Collective Dairy

 9 inspirational women founders

“A treat for me is just a little bit of me time, I’ve recently got into Peleton spinning bikes so having 30 mins of spinning most days, keeps me fit with a boost of tunes and high tempo energy!”

My most inspirational woman – My mother

 9 inspirational women founders

My mum taught me that the most important thing in life is to be kind. To be loved and to love in return. To put other people first, always. To be passionate, patient and optimistic. That no problem is too big and that I can achieve anything I put my mind too.

I hope you’re all feeling empowered today and know that anything is possible. Don’t forget to treat yourselves today and everyday. #BETTERTREATYOURSELF