Advice on how to use Instagram to market your Business

For anyone who knows me, they will know that Instagram is my baby. With such an increase in the importance of social media, I think it is an amazing way to engage with like-minded individuals, other companies, and all of our lovely customers. It’s also allowed me to show people behind the scenes, whether that is creating recipes with my elves in the LK kitchen, talking about the realities of running your own company or just playing with my nieces on a Sunday afternoon; it’s meant that anyone interested in LK can get to know the people wearing the aprons and we can learn so much from you guys as we go!!

Here are my top tips for using Instagram:

1. Plan & schedule your posts

Although this may seem like an obvious point, don’t underestimate the importance of creating a schedule for your instagram posts. This can be time consuming and sometimes tedious, but it is really helpful and can keep you on track. As a result you can make content in advance and stockpile media for the future. In saying this, it is key to be flexible. We are very busy and aren’t always able to stick to our schedule, so that’s why its great to show different parts of the business, this gives you the chance to be more spontaneous with your posts.

2. Be engaging and take advice

It is important to ask your followers questions and answer all of theirs! This level of personal engagement will help them feel more connected with what you do. I love hearing what you guys want to hear and see on my Instagram as well as learning about your lives and what led you to LK. There are so many different things that I want to do and can talk about but it’s always difficult to know what you guys are interested in. All recommendations, comments and questions are so valuable, so please keep them coming!

3. Be authentic

Owning your own company isn’t as easy as it looks. There are so many things that we don’t show you because it’s boring. But for every nice image that I post, there are 10 terrible, out of focus and unappetising photos that don’t make the cut. This is why we try to show you ‘behind the scenes’ as much as possible, so that you can see that it really does take a whole team to bake a cake and that packaging disasters are very, very real!

As well as showing you bits from work, I love to show you my family and lifestyle and what I like to do in my free time. For me this is important as it shows you the other side of my life and highlight that I am no different from all of you.

4. Mix things up

We like to add variety to our content by using different types of media, such as Gifs, photos, videos, boomerangs and instagram live. I think it’s important to have some diversity on your page to keep people interested (and to make it more fun for you!). There are so many amazing apps out there to make adding variety to your page really quick and simple; imgplay is a favourite of mine for making gifs and getting lightroom on your phone is great for on-the-go editing.

5. Keep it consistent

For me, Instagram is the perfect tool to express the brand identity of Livia’s Kitchen. Clearly we are obsessed with cake, but this is also what we are actually doing 99% of the time. With regards to styling and the way we take photos, we try to keep these really consistent so that our instagram has the same look throughout. If we chucked in a green and yellow or perfectly styled photo, you would notice something was very different! We like to keep ours gooey and homemade looking (partly because we are all awful at food styling but also because LK is all about messy, delicious indulgence), find your style and work with it, even if it’s different to everyone else.