Best Free-From Desserts in London

Dessert. Delicious, satisfying but not so great if you eat dessert three times a day (life is short, ok?). In the interest of transparency, I may or may not be referring to myself here – I ate cake for breakfast today (sorry not sorry). Sure, every dessert menu offers a fancy gelato, a refreshing sorbet or an exotic fruit salad – fruit should not really qualify as a dessert, right? But these are often demoted to the bottom of the page. They’re the footnote of the menu. And let’s face it, no one likes to be (or eat) the footnote. But these free-from desserts really take the biscuit (see what I did there?).


Free-from: dairy, gluten, refined sugar, soy and vegan friendly.

Free-from desserts london

Fro-yo meet fro-co-yo – the newest acronym on the health scene. Co Fro – less of the yo and more of the co – is a coconut soft serve frozen yoghurt that is made strictly without the white stuff. It’s the perfect quick on the go dessert or breakfast (if it’s topped with granola and nut butter, that counts as breakfast, right?).


Free-from: dairy, gluten, refined sugar and vegan friendly.

Free-from desserts london

Another post where I mention Farmacy (queue the eye roll). You know when you’ve just finished a meal and vow you will never eat again, but then the waiter asks if you want dessert and before you know it there are three plates on the table that aren’t even to share. Well, this happens at Farmacy. It’s like magic – dessert just appears. Speaking of magic, the Nice Cream Brownie Sundae is on another level.

Mr Prempy’s

Free-from desserts londonFree-from: dairy, gluten, soya, refined sugar and vegan friendly.

No one should ever or will never go dessert-less under my roof. And while baking is my form of yoga, sometimes running your own business means less time in the kitchen. Mr Prempy is therefore what people (including me) would call a life saver. From raw whole cakes to quirky takes on classic chocolate bars (snackers and ma’s anybody?) Mr Prempy is there for you in those desperate times.


Free-from: dairy, gluten, refined sugar and vegan friendly.

Free-from desserts london
Photo taken from NAMA

Just to clarify, there is no “we” in “dessert”. So it is totally one hundred per cent acceptable to order the sharing selection of five miniature raw confectionary desserts and not share. And if anyone has the nerve to tell you otherwise, they’re not your friend.

Wild Food Café

Free-from desserts london
Photo taken from the Wild Food Cafe

Free from: dairy, gluten, refined sugar and vegan friendly.

Wild Food Café, the place you go to eat your way through the dessert menu (advice to self: not in one sitting). Visiting Wild Food Café seems to be a right of passage or some kind of requirement in the free-from world. With cheesecakes that leave you wondering what even is cheese, it’s most definitely worth adding to the food bucket-list (I know you have one too).

The lesson to be learnt here, is never ever say no to dessert. You don’t want to look back and think, “I should have eaten that” – life is not about regretting.

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