Best Raw Cakes London Offer

The Hardihood:

Set up by two friends after switching to the sugar-free lifestyle, The Hardihood makes the most indulgent yet healthy raw cakes. They are all so beautiful that they are almost too good to eat! … almost!!! Our favourite was a toss up between the sea salted caramel and the lemon drop – I’d recommend going for both and sharing (or not).


Honey&Date are a new raw cake company delivering to all of London’s sweet treat lovers. Raw cake delivered…what could be better?! They’ve got the best selection of beautiful cakes, from pistachio to blueberry, raspberry and even yuzu! The tiramisu was a big hit with everyone at LK HQ but if coffee is not your thing then the chocolate and raspberry one was really delicious too!


Nama’s menu is one of my favourites of all the plant based restaurants popping up over London!!! Their courgetti is a bit of a game changer as are their raw cakes, so it seemed only right to feature them here! With a firm belief that raw, unprocessed food provides the best source of nutrients and with all of their produce sourced locally from eco-friendly suppliers to ensure freshness and a sense of community, it’s hard not to be in awe of their philosophy! And the food tastes incredible too…especially the cakes (obviously)! They’re famous for their blueberry cheesecake and it’s clear why!! We were lucky enough to sample a few goodies that will be on their new menu, (meaning we will HAVE to go back) and it is definitely something to be excited about; vanilla and chocolate checkerboard cakes and hazelnut and coffee truffles…yummm!


Wildfood Cafe is an obvious addition to this list, tucked away in what has become a bit of a one-stop-shop for healthy food – Neals Yard. They’ve got such an exciting selection of dishes on their menu from burgers with a twist to wild rolls and a delicious selection of salads. And on the sweet side (best side) are an amazing range of raw and baked cakes. These change from time to time but they never disappoint!! My favourite was the zingy lemon cheesecake which was so fresh and light…perfect for this weather!