Best Restaurants in Ibiza

A few weeks ago I almost died. Well not quite, but I can safely say it was a close call. Having my ass kicked on the daily and sweating like I’ve never sweated before (it was gross, I was gross), I was left VERY hungry hangry. Which meant only one thing – food and lots of it.

It is no secret that I love a good feast now and again and again and again, basically all the time, so in the name of research for you guys, I was more than happy to indulge left right and center in Ibiza.

Zela Japanese:

Taken from Zela

Imagine if the Mediterranean, Indonesia, Vietnam and Japan all had a baby (bare with me on this one), then that baby would be Zela. The four cuisines fusion together creating dishes that are best shared around the table. While there are dishes that you can enjoy on your own (Olivia doesn’t share food!), the little plates do mean that you can have a table full of food to try and no one can judge you – so really in this case, sharing is not that bad. My personal favourite was the truffle yellowtail sushi; you would be brave and foolish to think I would share that.

Experimental Beach Club:

Taken from Experimental Beach Club

Channeling a serious 60’s bohemian vibe but with a serious dose of cool factor, Experimental Beach Club offers a locally inspired menu fit for sunshine brunches, lazy lunches and midnight munchies. You can’t go wrong with a quinoa salad, but this quinoa salad is anything but ordinary and deserves a special shout-out. And for those looking to rehydrate after last night’s activities (what happens, in Ibiza stays in Ibiza), the detox menu is full of fresh juices and smoothies.

El Chiringuito:

Taken from El Chiringuito

Another chic beach all-in-one venue giving off some serious boho-babes-on-holiday-vibes is El Chiringuito. It has quickly become one the island’s top beach eateries and I can definitely see why. El Chiringuito serves a late breakfast underneath the Spanish sunshine, while lunch is a slightly fancier affair, offering a mix of Mediterranean specialties and my personal favourite, the tuna tartar and smoked aubergine (currently making my lunch look particularly boring).


Taken from Coricancha

This is truly a foodie adventure; dishes and drinks taking you on a culinary journey, which begins with the very first bite and ends with a lasting memory (note to self: calm down and stop drooling). I would strongly suggest trying a bit of everything to avoid any food envy (there was some serious food envy going down at our table), particularly all of the ceviche’s.


Taken from Celicioso

If the Ibiza pace is all getting a little too much (I get you), then slow it down with a café-style dining experience at Celicioso. Placing an emphasis on quality wholesome and nourishing food, Celicioso offers a host of deliciously fresh gluten free, dairy-free, sugar-free and vegan options – it is basically a little slice of heaven.