Being a dessert company, there is rarely a day that doesn’t involve cake, biscuits or some variety of sweet treats. I promote using un-refined ingredients because I believe that they are better for our bodies but I also don’t, as my Instagram may imply, live purely off dessert! Balance really is key in every aspect of life and whilst I have, on occasion, eaten my way through an entire tub of bites, I also like salads, kale, meat and the odd glass of wine too!

I think it’s really important to do everything within moderation and due to the nature of my company, and my love of food, exercise for me, is a massive part of that!

I wanted to launch an event which would bring together two of my favourite things, cardio and cake, and in doing so, address the importance of balance! I definitely recommend eating nutritious foods but am also a big advocate of indulging in gooey chocolatey cakes, working out and spending hours on the sofa watching Netflix!  I love to get sweaty as much as I like to eat sweet treats, so I am combing the two for the ultimate Saturday morning workout. There will be a fast paced Reshape class at one of my favourite London gyms 1Rebel, followed by an array of cakes and treats whipped up by my elves and I; Expect lots of indulgent, chocolatey deliciousness (whilst also being vegan, gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free.)

It’s going to be a really fun morning so I hope to see lots of you there! Tickets are available here. In the meantime, I would love to hear what balance means for you so let me know in the comments below or tag me in photos on Instagram of your favourite workout places, treats, salads or whatever represents balance in your life! #cardio4cake #liviaskitchen