Christmas Single Homeless Project

With this website launching in the run-up to Christmas, it got me thinking that Livia’s Crumble should contribute to helping those who are less fortunate over the Christmas period. Being a fledgling food production business I sometimes have a lot of left over crumbles at the end of the week. Instead of these going to waste, I thought how wonderful it would be to share these little packages of nutritional goodness with those who really need them.

After much searching, I came across an amazing charity – SHP (Single Homeless Project), which is a London-based charity supporting people who are homeless. Dennis Handfield house in Kings Cross, London, is a hostel supported by SHP which houses 38 at any one time. Most of these people have struggled with drug and/or alcohol addiction and mental health difficulties, making day-to-day life a constant struggle. Although our government provides a roof over their heads, there is absolutely no budget for food.

It is very difficult to see how these individuals will be able to kick start a new life without any fuel to keep them going so I am desperate to contribute in any way I can. Each week from now until Christmas I will be delivering everything I have left over to the shelter so that the residents can enjoy and benefit from Livia’s Crumble. I will also be part of organising and hosting ‘The Winter Wellness Day’ on December 12th with a few of my inspirational friends who are also in the business of healthy food. 100% of the event’s proceeds will go towards providing food for Dennis Hanfield House.