How To Create a Happy Workspace – The LK Way

 The elves and I have recently moved into our amazing new workspace and we thought it would be nice to share a few things that make us happy in the office. As you may know from following my journey on Instagram, the actual office move was very unexpected and the whole process was incredibly stressful. But, being here now and seeing the place come together, it is definitely my happy place. I think it is so important to create a space where my employees can feel comfortable and enjoy spending time at work every day.

Carry on reading to find out my favourite ways to create a happy office environment.

Our Cosy Sofa Corner

The marble tray is from Anthropologie
The sofa is from MADE.COM and is the perfect place to sit and go through emails whilst enjoying some treats!

I think it is so important to have a space where employees can retreat to if they need to spend some time on their own. We have filled our corner with comfy velvet sofas and mood lighting from one of my favourite furniture brands MADE.COM. The beautiful pink velvet sofa is one of our favourite pieces in the office. I could perch here all day. It’s become a race between everyone as to who gets to have their meetings on the sofa rather than the meeting room. The entire office has got a beautiful wooden floor so in this corner we’ve put a cosy rug to make the space feel more soft.

Livia’s Actual Kitchen

We designed this together with Howdens

Apart from being the place of innovation for the blog and product range this kitchen is used daily when we make lunch. We all love a freshly cooked meal so that’s exactly what we do when lunch hour strikes. We’ve also recently started cooking a monthly lunch together which is so nice.

The Tea & Snack Cupboard

Our tea & snacks cupboard gets a lot of love everyday. We enjoy all different kinds of tea, LK products & Love Corn

It’s no surprise that our tea and snack cupboard plays a big part in our happiness in the office! The number of teas drunk in a day is so high that we lose count… One would think that in an office where there are constantly cakes around you wouldn’t need a snack cupboard but that’s definitely not true in our case. We’re all extremely good at snacking throughout the day. Apart from our own sweet snacks we absolutely love the delicious crispy corn from Love Corn! We go through a lot of these bags in a week. So even though it looks like we have a lot of stock it doesn’t last long.

Fresh Flowers and Plants

Picture: this is one of our favourite vases in the office, it’s from Anthropologie

Flowers and plants bring so much colour and happiness to a space. The fresh greenery definitely has a positive effect on our mood. We are currently obsessed with London florist Freddies Flowers. They do a monthly subscription box as well as amazing one off arrangements.


As some of you’ve seen on Instagram; any time we get too stressed in the office Boggle comes out. Boggle is a 3 minute word game so perfect to squeeze in between meetings. Even though it only takes 3 minutes, we never stop at one game. Before we know it we find ourselves in a full tournament.

Let us know what makes you happy in your office in the comments below!