Our favourite countries to visit this summer for their food


We are going around the globe people! An LK food tour introducing you to some of the most delicious places on Earth. Prepare to eat your way through the last few weeks of summer, say goodbye to those waistlines we’ve worked oh so hard for and embrace that food baby, because we are about to eat our way around the world (can you tell I’m excited for this one?!).


Barcelona. A city with a mystic, gothic past brimming with architectural treasuries that gives Paris a run for its money. From beach front to city life, sangria to green juice, Barcelona has it all.

Let’s begin with my personal favourite and one that deserves a little bit of attention (not that it doesn’t get enough already); Flax and Kale. Open all day serving breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and most importantly cake and dessert; it’s a whole day affair. Being a ‘flexitarian’ restaurant, their menu is 80% plant-based, meaning it’s nearly-but-not-quite entirely vegan. And yes, they do serve kale.


Some other places that are definitely worth visiting:


Milk: it’s basically trip advisor famous and the kind of place you’ll want to duplicate and take home with you. Milk is the place to go for a lazy brunch after one five too many sangria (don’t worry, it happens to the best of us).

BioCenter: one of the oldest vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Barcelona. Offering gluten-free, vegan and sugar-free desserts and cakes, fellow sweet-tooth lovers this one is for you.

Woki Organic: an ecological 100% organic restaurant inside a market in the heart of the city, choose to eat-in or order anything from the menu to take away, you will be spoilt with choice.

Faborit: the place to go if you are looking for liquid chocolate in a mug (think chocolate fountain in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). They also have a salad-bar and a large selection of fresh juices and smoothies if you’re not quite ready to give yourself diabetes. Not to mention the outdoor patio dining is very instagrammable.

And of course, if you are on the hunt for traditional Spanish tapas and jugs of sangria (not for the lightweights), hit up one of the many small independent cafés lining the main streets of Barcelona.



Welcome to the country obsessed with rye bread, potatoes and Danish pastries (basically carb heaven). While the Danish cuisine 20 years ago could be labelled traditional at best and bland at worst, Copenhagen is now one of the most delicious capitals to visit in Europe. From pastry shops to hotdog stands, Copenhagen is a foodies dream.


Aamans: smørrebrød is Copenhagen’s signature sandwich. The open rye bread sandwich that has a limitless amount of toppings, is a beloved national pastime. But bringing a modern twist to the traditional smørrebrød, Aamans will redefine your notion of a “sandwich”.

Den Økologiske Pølsemand: recently voted as Copenhagen’s most loved eatery, this little hotdog stall has revitalised the traditional city street food using only organic ingredients and with vegetarian and vegan options too – result!

GRØD: the world’s first restaurant that only serves porridge; breakfast for dinner, it’s a no brainer. Choose your porridge base (GF and DF options) and go mad with the toppings – they even have caramel sauce (the Danes are onto something here).

Lagkagehuset: the all-day Danish bakery that is quite simply a national treasure. So, unbutton those jeans and embrace the food baby because this bakery takes Danish pastries to a whole new level. Oh, and the best news is that you can now find them in and around London – but fear not, they have made it easier for Londoners by naming their first venue “Ole and Steen”.

Torvehallerne: the culinary hotspot in the heart of Copenhagen. An upscale covered market, divided into two glass food halls specialising in selling the freshest products, both local and international, giving Borough Market a run for its money.



Sunny days, balmy nights, iconic whitewashed blue-roofed cubic buildings, unspoilt scenery, cobbled towns and most importantly, the home to the Mamma Mia film set; Greece is unsurprisingly a very popular holiday destination. With its Mediterranean diet, fresh fish, wines and olive oils, Greece offers a balance between indulgence and health.


Nowadays I tend to stick to fresh veg and fish but these are a few of my favourite Greek dishes from my childhood that you must try (and try to pronounce just because it’s funny):

Greek Salad: okay so this one isn’t that hard to pronounce and while it may be an obvious one, it’s a delicious one.

Fava me Koukia: mashed up fava beans. Admittedly, it doesn’t sound very appetising, but trust me it’s tasty.

Kolokithokeftedes: courgette balls – an interesting choice of name. A veggie starter that is found in most, if not all, Greek restaurants.

Tomatokeftedes: tomato fritters, simple but effective and again, a traditional meze and main course vegetarian option.

Moussaka: a bit of legend served in almost all restaurants in Greece.

Tzatziki: a classic and all round favourite dip (or simply consume by the spoon).

Amygdalota: a widely popular Greek gluten-free almond cookie.

Pasteli: a Greek delicacy and the original power bar made primarily of two ingredients; honey and sesame seeds with a few other nuts blended throughout.



Los Angles is queen of the health food scene. It is the epicentre of healthy eating. With new plant-based restaurants and healthy fast-causal cafés popping up here, there and everywhere comes a dilemma – which ones do you visit first?

Acai Jungle Bowls Café: acai bowls have seem to risen up in the ranks of health food stardom and I for one am totally okay about this (an acai bowl a day keeps the doctor away – you get my drift). Acai Jungle is a popular destination, not only because of its pure blend, but because of its variety of sizes and its choice of toppings. They have peanut butter here – need I say more?

Café Gratitude: featuring 100% organic, plant-based dishes with names to suit every mood (“hangry” should most definitely be a dish), Café Gratitude has got your back. The Café Gratitude family has recently expanded to include its sister restaurant Gratitude; the group’s upscale concept with a fully organic cocktail program that is said to be out of this world (ooh-er).

M Café: this is the place that made macrobiotic cuisine fashionable. Its internationally inspired deli items may be based on strict macrobiotic principles, but you soon forget that the cheese started its life as a plant. Oh and if you are looking to star-gaze (*puts hand up*) this is the place for you.

Sweetfin Poké: poké is having a bit of a moment. In fact, I am having a bit of a moment with poké. Taking the market by storm (which I have single handily contributed to – I have no shame), these Hawaiian style super-fresh deconstructed sushi bowls are everywhere, especially in LA.


I think the button on my jeans just popped undone whilst writing this. I would love to know in the comments below your favourite places to eat this summer and please leave me any recommendations!