My favourite high street stores this summer

Summer is officially here, and I am not too sure how I feel about this. Don’t get me wrong, I love the brighter days, warmer evenings, alfresco rooftop drinking and dining (see blogpost on my favourite things to do in London for my ultimate recommendations), and of course the ice cream – ice cream for breakfast is most definitely a thing. But this does mean that we are six months deep into the year. Seriously, HOW has this happened?

While the whole of the U.K. seem to be congregating at Brighton beachfront or jetting off to exotic locations, my elves and I are busy working away. Although this does often leave us sick with jealously, it gives us the chance to take advantage of all of the fashion delights that shops have to offer. We thought we would do a round up of all of our favourites places and pieces this summer.

Let’s begin with the obvious: SWIMWEAR

There are many routes in which you could take; bikinis, tankinis (9 year old me loved these), high-waist bikinis, mini-tee bikini, sporty one-pieces and high cut swimsuits (hello Baywatch).

It all depends on what exactly you have planned. Perhaps playing volleyball in a itsy bitsy tiny bikini might draw a little too much attention (but if that is your thing then you go girl). Here are a few of my personal favourites. Be prepared for some serious swimwear envy and a very sad looking bank balance – don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Taken from Zimmerman

Florals, polka dots, paisley and tropical prints are where it is at. With a mixture of different styles including halter neck, bandeau, triangle and racerback; Zimmerman has you covered.


If you are trying to save some pennies (Olivia take note), then Topshop is your new best friend. You all know how much I love a good Topshop find – my Instagram stories are a testament to that, but I did not know that their swimwear could be this good.

Moving onto the DRESSES

Can you really go on holiday without a pretty dress? No is the answer. Maxi dresses, midi dresses, mini dresses, day dresses, evening dresses (are they are any more dresses) are always key to a summer wardrobe.

Paloma Blue:

Taken from Paloma Blue

If you are all about the frills, florals, luxurious fabrics and pretty patterns then look no further. Paloma Blue offers all the above and boy is it dreamy – imagine if exotic resortwear and local hippy market had a baby. Taking you from beach to city and day to night, Paloma Blue have got you covered!


You know that game we all play (don’t pretend you don’t know which one I mean) “if I won the lottery”… well besides installing air conditioning in my flat, I would splurge massively on Revolve. Stocking some of my favourite brands including For Love & Lemons, Free People and Lovers + Friends, their dresses are perfect for those summer evening vibes – strolls along the beach, dinner at restaurants with multiple tasting menus, cocktails in some instagrammable thatched roof beach bar etc. etc. you get my drift.

Enter the JUMPSUIT, the most impractical design when needing the loo

Burning on holiday is not the one – remember your SPF people! So when I feel like my legs are most definitely on the rouge side, if not bordering bright red, then a jumpsuit becomes my best friend.


Taken from ba&sh

Where to begin… ba&sh is beau-ti-ful. It is timeless and oh-so chic. And they have some to die for jumpsuits that I have most definitely been drooling over. Concealing all the weird tan lines and sore looking legs that have people walking past mouthing ‘ouch’, they also look effortlessly chic. In fact, I feel as if I am channelling some inner Parisian vibe I never knew I had.


A one stop shop destination. Who doesn’t love a good Asos shop? You’re mad if you say no. Asos is one of my favourite places to shop – why? Because it makes life so much easier and simpler. And if you are anything like me where shopping is a luxury (having your own company is hard so shopping moves further down the to-do list wish-I-could-do list) then Asos is magical. Not only do they have some seriously gorgeous own brand jumpsuits that leave my face looking like the heart eye emoji, they also carry other brands (Sisters of the Tribe have some beaut pieces). So really, Asos have your back when it comes to jumpsuits and everything else.

Next we have ACCESSORIES

Taken from Topshop

The key to making any outfit look effortless, chic and put together. For those girls who have little to no time in the morning *holds hand up*, then accessories will become your new bff.

Let’s begin with a big and maybe most important summer essential – a pair of sunnies. SUNGLASSES not only act as a shield from the scorching sun, but they also cover up all the sins from the night before (or if you are like me and have stayed up way past your bedtime answering emails and now have the biggest, bluest bags under your eyes to cover – and no these bags are not designer). Personally, I believe in investing in a good quality pair of sunglasses, they are after all beneficial to your health and sight (this is what I tell myself). My absolutes favourites are RayBans and if you really think about cost-per-wear –yes this is a legitimate thing – then they really are quite affordable. However, if you are looking for some fun, on trend, experimental styles that aren’t as damaging to the bank balance then places such as Topshop, Asos, and River Island have some amazing sunglasses.

If you are like me and like to carry everything but the kitchen sink to the beach, then how can you not buy a BEACH BAG? Whilst on my walks into work, I have been seeing sun-bleached straw shoppers and wicker basket bags everywhere. While there is a slight risk of it looking like you’ve emptied your Grandma’s picnic hamper and filled it with the essentials such as Biccy Boms (no joke, my bag is always full of Biccy Boms), they do seem to add a little flare to an outfit.

Taken from Revolve

SHOES. A slightly tricky one to write about. Not because I don’t like shoes, because I really do love shoes. But because I always seem to wear one pair only – Converse. You can’t really go wrong with a classic pair of white Converse (unless of course you spill chocolate fudge sauce down them whilst making a trifle – see post here). But perhaps to avoid the sand in shoes situ, a pair of flip-flops wouldn’t go a miss. Havianas are definitely a go-to. They’re classic, timeless and well, damn right comfy. And if you enjoy sparkles and pretty sandals that show off those nicely pedicured toes (note to self: book pedicure) then Accessorise, Topshop, Asos and Zara do some beautifully embellished numbers.

Now, while we all aspire to achieve that beachy, effortless, wavy goddess hair look that bombards our Instagram and Pinterest feeds this time of year, this does not always happen. The desired look is often well, frizzy, messy (not in a good way), tangled and a little bit meh. So this is where a HAT comes into play. Not only does it cover the perhaps slightly greasy roots that you have got going on, it also helps hide the frizz and keeps you looking fresh and effortlessly glam. Big straw floppy hats are perfect at doing this. Zimmerman again is producing the goods, as is Topshop and Revolve. So head on over there to find your perfect summer hat.

And lastly but by no means least SUN CREAM. Did I really just remind you all to wear sun cream? Yes. But really, there is no point in burning on holiday. So whack out the factor 50 and slather it all over you because trust me, in 30 years time, you will thank me. No one likes pre-mature wrinkles and looking like a prune (tasty but not a look).

Taken from Nivea

I hope you all have a beautiful summer wherever that may be and guys like I said, ice-cream for breakfast is most definitely a thing!