9 of My Favourite Office Furniture Pieces by MADE.COM

To make our office the cosiest yet most practical place ever has been a work in progress for months. When my team and I moved into our new office at the beginning of the year we all agreed that, as we spend so much time in the office, it was so important to create a beautiful space everyone would enjoy using.

Good quality, exceptionally designed office furniture was key to achieving our dream HQ which is why we looked to MADE.COM for a helping hand!

I had so much fun visiting their London showroom picking out everything from a plush cotton velvet sofa (in pink of course) for our living room corner, to the huge white minimalist office tables. 

These big extendable white tables (called Bramante) make the best office desks!

The Office Table

Our office table is a favourite! We’ve got two big white tables that we’ve pushed together in the middle of the main room to make one huge table. This way we can all sit together as one big team. It makes it so easy to have group discussions and get everyone involved in everything that is going on in the business. Because there’s so much space it usually ends up becoming cluttered with bulk deliveries of peanut butter and other fun stuff. But at the end of the week we tend to have an office table clear up to give us a clean slate for Monday mornings. We always try and have colourful flowers on the table as we spend most of our time here and think it’s so important to have something green to look at. Not to mention, we ALWAYS have a bowl of LK treats to hand.

The Pink Sofa

We’ve talked about our cosy sofa corner a lot on Instagram, but it deserves another mention as it is one of the best spaces in the office! Decorated with a beautiful Lomond coffee table (which we’ve of course filled with LK treats and a stack of my recipe books), a lovely golden lamp and super soft velvet furniture. The Julianne pink sofa is definitely the centrepiece in this space but the Frame blue armchair is so comfy that you’ll have to get there first thing to get a chance of sitting on it. The soft cotton velvet fabrics in this space are a good contrast to the hard brick walls in the office.

The cosiest place to have a quick meeting or a cup of tea and some LK treats in the afternoon

The Gold Light

We think that the beautiful Austin gold light next to the pink sofa is stunning! In this room we’ve gone for soft fabrics, gold and copper. You can see that both the coffee table and the blue chair have gold details that tie in with this golden light. We’ve also got a copper and gold vase on the shelves in the general office room which we love!

The Details

When you go into the “living room” of the office the sofa, chair and coffee table are the first things to catch your eye, but for us it’s all about the finishing touches and accessories that make this room a whole. The Annaka marble vases tie in with the large Rohan grey rug which works really well. We make sure to keep fresh flowers in our beautiful vases and always have a candle ready to be lit!

Details like this Bard copper clock and Annaka marble vases complete the room
We think this Babu copper vase is stunning and goes perfectly with our colourful treats!