Guide to Maca

I still haven’t decided on a favourite flavour of biccy boms – I change my mind every few hours! But the Salted Maca Caramel flavour is currently on top… at least for the time being (I may or may not be eating them right now…) Maca isn’t exactly a conventional flavour you see in sweet treats, and I’ve had a few people ask me what it is. I’m a big fan of maca, so I wanted to tell you a bit more about how I use it.

Although maca is actually a root vegetable (it looks a bit like a squished parsnip!) you’ll normally find it in powder form, with the other ‘superfood’ powders. It has a naturally nutty and caramel-like flavour, which gets even better with the addition of a sweetener, especially maple syrup!

I usually buy maca powder online from places like amazon, buywholefoods and realfoods, but you can find it in all health food shops. I’ve even seen it popping up in quite a few supermarkets recently, so keep your eyes peeled!

Other than in biccy boms, these are my favourite ways to use maca powder…

This goes without saying! I have played around with maca a lot when recipe testing, and the flavour is always a winner. There are a lot of maca-inspired recipes in the book, from cookies to popcorn. If I had to pick my favourites, I would say the peanut butter and maca fudge, also on the blog, and the raw chocolate and maca molten lava cakes would be up there!

Porridge and overnight oats are two of my favourite breakfasts. But oats need that extra flavour lift to get me excited for breakfast! Adding around a teaspoon of maca to my oats in the morning makes them so delicious. Drizzled with maple syrup, nut butter and of course, topped with salted maca caramel biccy boms – it doesn’t get much better! If I’m after breakfast on-the-go, then I love to make these almond butter and maca granola bars.

A maca latte might sound slightly weird but, trust me, it works. You can make them at home really easily by adding a tablespoon of maca powder to hot frothy milk. It’s nice to add a few extra spices, like cinnamon or cardamon, too. If you’re a big fan hot chocolate, then I’d also recommend adding in some maca powder for a caramely taste. For when you’re out and about, I’ve discovered some great maca hot drinks around London. Farmacy, in Notting Hill, do a really yummy maca latte and Nama use maca in their superfood latte, which is so dreamy.

A simple use for maca powder is adding it to smoothies. You can absolutely add it to berry smoothies, even green smoothies, but the taste won’t necessarily be that recognisable. My favourite smoothie with maca powder is a combination of frozen banana, oats, almond milk, dates… and maca. It’s the perfect energy booster!

Because of maca’s nutty flavour, it works really well with nut butters. In my book, one of the staple recipes is maca and pecan butter. The two are a match made in heaven! However, with almonds, hazelnuts, cashews… you name it, maca can be added to most nut butters and it won’t disappoint. This is what inspired these maca, vanilla and almond butter cups.