How to do Afternoon Tea at Home

Afternoon Tea is a true British classic – a traditional occasion that I think everyone should be able to enjoy. Knowing that there were others like me, unable to indulge in a traditional tea, It seemed only right that LK came up with a nutritious alternative. Our Cream-Free Cream Tea events have been running for over a year now and they’re still one of my favourite days! Hosting an afternoon tea is a lot of fun, so if you’re thinking of doing your own at home, it’s so simple to give it a healthier, more nutritious twist! Here’s my guide, based on our Cream-Free Cream Tea menu…

The traditional starter for every afternoon tea is always a variety of sandwiches. We serve two different filling options, guacamole and tahini with cucumber on the best gluten free oaty role from Artisan Bread!

This is the perfect accompaniment to the sandwiches for the savoury part of afternoon tea. I know that lots of people are obsessed with hummus, so this is always a crowd pleaser! I would definitely recommend making your own, as a lot of shop-brought hummus have unfamiliar and unnatural ingredients added to them. With homemade hummus, not only do you know exactly what has gone into it, you can tweak the flavours and texture to your own taste. For the crudités, peppers, carrots and cucumber are my go-tos.

Can you have an afternoon tea without scones? Of course not, they’re a necessity! Scones were the first recipe I started to develop before launching our Cream-Free Cream Teas and they always go down really well with everyone. The recipe on the blog is the classic scone we usually serve, and it couldn’t be simpler to make. Just mix and bake! They can be served with any kind of jam, but the cranberry and blackberry combination on the blog is delicious – slathered with nut butter of course.

We always serve a chocolate cupcake at our events. They’re so rich, indulgent and never fail to amaze people when they find out what’s in them! There are two chocolate cupcake recipes on the blog. The hazelnut ones are a must for all nutella lovers, or there’s the classic chocolate cupcakes with a pink raspberry frosting. But if you want double chocolate (which is never a bad thing!) then swap the raspberry for our famous chocolate avocado frosting from the book. If you’re not feeling a chocolatey cupcake, then I would recommend the Lemon, Courgette and Poppyseed Cupcakes, also in the book.

The Raisin and Maca Cookies from the book are a variation on the cookies we make for our Afternoon Teas. Their malty, caramely flavour from adding maca will always be a winner for me. There are lots of cookie recipes on the blog too, so it really is up to personal preference. The blueberry and coconut cookies, and peanut butter cookies are two of my favourites. But, I think if you choose not to make chocolate cupcakes, then these chocolate cookies are a must!

And, if you would rather have all these treats with out any of the washing up, we have lots of cream-free cream tea events coming up which you can buy tickets for here.