How to Host an Instagrammable Festive Party

Because if there aren’t pictures, it didn’t happen. And if those pictures aren’t Instagrammable, there aren’t any pictures.

The festive party season is in full swing and so is the barriage of twinkling lights, bedecked mantles and so much glitter that our Instagram feed is practically sparkling. And while we love glitter, there is nothing like ‘grammable food to get your guests snapping, bragging and double tapping. Consider this your cheat sheet to hosting the most Insta-worthy, food-focused festive soiree. With savoury, sweet and show stopping centerpieces you’ll be Instagram’s greatest hit.

Raise your toast game

Avocado on toast. It’s a classic, a crowd pleaser and totally a millennial craze. But, we’re all for it. It’s easy to whip up, acceptable to eat at any time of the day and, most importantly, photogenic enough to make an epic debut to the ‘gram. To create the ultimate toast spread, serve alongside our toasted oat bread topped with a delicious thick layer of Nush cream cheese. Add a squeeze of lemon, season with salt and pepper and top with a cucumber ribbon (ooh-er fancy).

The tipsy table

No party is complete without a bar. Fact. While a full bar sounds like a lot of fun, not to mention a recipe for a hangover from hell, we prefer a select bar menu; less is more (unless it’s dessert). A select menu is easier to design, manage and serve. It leaves room in the party planning budget for Instagrammable drink accessories (cute paper straws are an essential) encouraging your guests to snap and sip. Our favourite cocktail is the Livia’s Martini; a combination of cucumber, lime, mint and elderflower – refreshing and tangy.

Mini desserts

Sizing down on dessert is not normally something we would encourage (the bigger the better). But, miniature desserts have captured our hearts and our Instagram feeds. We are totally obsessed with how cute our peanut butter cheesecake looks mini style. For maximum like factor, serve a platter FULL of miniature puddings. Think doughnuts, raspberry slices and chocolate coated peanut fudge bars. Heaven. And the best part, you can have one (or three) of each.

The showstopper

Every party needs a spectacular, show-stopping decadent dessert; the kind that will get you some Insta-action. In the spirit of Christmas, our Yule Log is definitely one to impress your guests. It’s beautifully rich, gooey and so so chocolatey. And with those layers, you will definitely attract some double-tap attention. Another office favourite and one which is guaranteed to have guests begging for the recipe is our raw chocolate and caramel Nugglets cheesecake.

Pick ‘n’ mix station

The easiest (and quite possibly our favourite) station by far. Pick ‘n’ mix is the opportunity to eat as much as you like without being judged by self-controlled pick ‘n’ mixers. To create the best station and, of course, to maximise all Instagrammable opportunities, serve a combination of salty and sweet nibbles (heavy on the sweet). No pick ‘n’ mix station is complete with our deliciously indulgent treats.  

Comment below if you have any tips for achieving the most Instagrammable party of the year.