How to Make The Best Brunch at Home

Brunch at the weekend is something I really look forward. It’s the perfect chance to relax and unwind from a busy week. I’m a big fan of eating out, and living in London, there are a lot of delicious menus to choose from. But sometimes, I want my lazy brunch to be just that – lazy. The thought of leaving the house on a cold winters morning doesn’t always sound that appealing. So, one of my favourite things to do around this time of year is invite my friends over for brunch at home.

Depending on how many people I’m hosting, I like to make a selection of different sweet and savoury dishes for everyone to pick from. All of them are crowd pleasers, but they’re laid back and fuss-free, too. Because nobody wants to spend hours of their Saturday night preparing! As long as you have the essentials on hand, you can enjoy a relaxing brunch with friends and family in the comfort of home.

 These are the dishes that can be ready on the table for when your guests arrive. No cooking involved, just assembling!


 Smoothies are a great way to kick-off brunch. Depending on the tastes of your guests, I find it’s usually best to make a big batch of one flavour for everyone to enjoy. This way, you won’t have to keep cleaning out the blender, or worry about having every kind of fruit. Almond milk and frozen banana is always my go-to base. For something indulgent, adding medjool dates and cacao powder is so dreamy. For something more fruity, a mix of berries is equally delicious.

Fresh Fruits

a simple, but essential side to any brunch. This way, they can be eaten as they are, or added as toppings. For me, bananas and berries are the must-haves, but it depends what’s in season. My mum makes the most amazing tropical fruit salad which is in my book for anyone looking for something a little more special!


 Granola is always a winner. It’s very easy to make yourself and this can be done in big batches up to two weeks in advance. Granola is easily adapted to your own tastes, but I especially love my Coconut and Vanilla recipe. I find it’s best served with either nut-milk, coconut yoghurt (I use CoYo), or my recent discovery, almond milk yoghurt by Nush.

These dishes are usually the second course. They require a little more preparation, but nothing too time-consuming.


If I’m feeling like serving an extra-special and indulgent brunch, then I always go for pancakes! Who can resist a giant stack of fresh pancakes?. I’m always experimenting with different flavours and recipes for pancakes, so check the blog and book if you’re in need of some inspiration! The chocolate hazelnut ones are particularly dreamy if I do say so myself!

Avo Smash

Because no brunch is complete with a decent dose of avocado! I find the best to way to do this for a crowd is to mash up a few, along with lime, coriander, chilli, salt and pepper. Then, serve in a bowl for everyone to help themselves. You can do this in advance, but make sure it’s kept in something sealed. Top tip: leave the stones in to prevent it from going brown, then remove before serving.

Roasted tomatoes and mushrooms

A simple side to the savoury course, which only involves chopping, drizzling and roasting. I like to use olive oil and rosemary for this, as their subtle flavours make the veggies a lovely accompaniment.


An essential part of Brunch for many, and everyone knows how they like them best! What I usually do is make them to order, so everyone can have their eggs fresh and to their own preferences. This doesn’t take up too much time, and this way nothing is wasted.

Toasted Bread

 If I’ve got a bit more time, my Quinoa Bread from the blog goes really well with Brunch. Although, I’ve recently discovered Oat bread by artisan bread which we use for all of the Cream-Free Cream Teas. It tastes SO good toasted – believe me I’ve eaten at least four in one day before!