Indulgent Overnight Oats

Breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day and I am known to follow up some oaty avo toast (which is a dream by the way) with a second breakfast of granola or oats. I’m also all for a quick breakfast, so these pre-prepped overnight oats are perfect for busy mornings or breakfast meetings. I’ve included a few of my favourite flavours but they’re so easy to mix up and change to suit your tastes. You can also swap out sweetener for fruit if you’re looking for a slightly healthier start to your day or go all out and add biccy boms and granola for an indulgent breakfast!

PB & J Oats

PB & J was my favourite sandwich when I was little, aside from a gooey Nutella toastie! These oats aren’t quite the white bread sandwiches of my childhood but they’re pretty delicious all the same.

Mocha Oats

This is probably my favourite flavour – unsurprisingly as it it’s the sweetest and chocolatiest of the lot. I’ve topped it off with chocolate rice puffs which are something pretty special but you can add any (or all) of the topping suggestions above.

Apple Pie Oats

The apple pie recipe in my book is my absolute favourite! Sadly, it isn’t appropriate to eat apple pie for breakfast every day – though I am definitely guilty of this on occasion, so it was about time I made a slightly less indulgent version! This is amazing topped with nut butters, cinnamon and coyo or chopped ginger biccy boms if you’re going all out.

The best thing about all of these options is how simple they are to make! No matter how busy things are at LK, I’m never one to forgo breakfast so having a week’s worth of these in the fridge is perfect! They don’t always last the week in our office, but it’s the thought that counts.