Livia’s Open Office

This weekend we had our long awaited Livia’s open office, we’ve been so excited!! A few months ago I woke up in the middle of the night with an amazing idea which sprung to mind. Giving the opportunity to 20 of our loyal Instagram followers to take part in a morning of fun, food and focus. We don’t want to do conventional market research, we want the opinion of our customers and to understand exactly what it is they want. They are the voices we want to listen to.

We put a competition live on Instagram which invited our followers to share their ideas of what they want to see next for new products from LK. At random we picked our 20 winners and we couldn’t have wished for a more amazing bunch of people! Carry on reading below to gain an insight in to our perfect morning.

All lined up and ready to go into the goodie bags.

On Friday afternoon we begun putting together our exclusive goodie bags for the guests. As you can see from the pictures we did not hold back on products! We knew people were travelling from afar and wanted to ensure their visit was well rewarded. Doing so in true LK fashion, this was with our sweet treats.

Goodie bags about to burst with as much product as you could possibly fit. Just the way they should be!

The vibrant colours of the S’well bottles worked perfectly with our packaging.

Once the goodie bags were good to go we set up the tables. Splitting our two big office tables in half ensured everyone would fit and could easily discuss and share their ideas with each other. We placed a goodie bag on each chair and decorated the tables with our products. The amazing bright pink S’well bottles were an additional gift for everyone who came. The team and I had all been using S’well bottles organically in the office for months so we thought this would be a perfect fit for collaboration. Our guests loved them just as much as we do!

Too many good drink options to only pick one…

Juliette (our Office Manager) making sure everything’s going to plan

On Saturday 7th July the day was finally here! We made sure everything looked perfect and started preparing the brunch. We also lined up our favourite kombucha from LA Brewery and some of Rebel Kitchen’s delicious mylks which had been cooled ready for when everyone arrived. It was a super hot day so everyone was extra appreciative of these delicious refreshing drinks.

First guests arrive!

So happy a twirl was definitely in order! (This was caught on my Instagram as well)

We begun the day with an intro from myself explaining what the purpose was of Livia’s open office and the insights we were hoping to gain. Each guest then introduced themselves, the new product idea they have for the brand and what they believe the future holds for LK. This was great to hear the direction they want the brand to grow in, the important things they never want us to lose and so many innovative ideas for new products. We were overwhelmed with so many delicious and out of the ordinary ideas that it made us all feel so excited. The opportunities for new products that stay true to our core values are endless. I want to do them all!

When your plate is too small because your wanting to try a little bit of everything…

Everyone was loving the Banana Mocha Bread!

Here’s Charlotte (aka Olivia’s secret twin and Head of Digital Marketing) making a delicious bowl! So instagramable…

After that it was time for a sweet and indulgent brunch, in true LK style! There were bowls full of fresh berries, towers of Nush nut yoghurts, our irresistible peanut butter granola, apple & cinnamon granola, the most amazing banana mocha bread, Pip & Nut nut butters (we finally got to try the new chocolate orange almond butter and it was insanely good!), toasted oat bread, homemade raspberry chia jam and an incredible homemade Nutella.

Once everyone was full of food it was time to get back to focus. The guests filled out an insightful and interesting questionnaire which helped us gain a deeper understanding of why they love LK, whats most important to them when it comes to our products and how we can keep exciting them as customers. We were so grateful for their time given to these questions. They all went above and beyond with providing us with such valuable details.

We then opened up the floor giving all the guests the chance to ask myself any question they desired. I was able to share my dreams of where I envision the brand to be, our plans for the future and the highs and lows I’ve experienced along the way. As well as the morning being insightful and useful for the business, it also reaffirmed to me why I do what I do and that all the hard work is worth it.

We then of course made time for some group selfies!

Myself and the team had such a lovely morning and could not have wished for a better group of people. We felt like you all made great friends which was so special to see. Thats one of the bonuses about working in this industry, everyone supports one another and always wants to watch you to succeed. We almost didn’t want you all to leave! Thank you for making the day very special. It’s something we’ll have to do again and we’ll always remember it as such a valuable experience.

We also want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of the lovely companies that we partnered with on this event! Livia’s Open Office wouldn’t have been complete with out you and you were enjoyed and loved by all our guests.

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@pipandnut @nushfoods