Livia’s Kitchen x Bare Minerals: Raw Caramel Brownie squares

At LK we are keen to not only munch our way through delicious treats that make us feel amazing, we also aim to use beauty products with good-for-skin ingredients. So, to celebrate the launch of bareMineral’s NEW BAREPRO™ Performance Wear Liquid Foundation SPF 20, we had the pleasure of creating an exclusive Livia’s Kitchen x bareMinerals recipe that is packed full of yummy, skin-loving goodness.

Having tried and tested the new BarePro™ Liquid Foundation, we can honestly say that we love it. The creamy texture glides on easily, providing 24-hour, breathable, full-coverage, whilst blurring pores and other imperfections (thanks to the Papaya Enzymes and Bamboo Stem Extract). If you aren’t quite convinced, launching alongside this foundation is a Luxe Performance Brush, which has been designed to help you blend those difficult areas by mimicking the finesse and precision of fingertips (our new best friend). We think this is the perfect product pairing that will give you year round results and help you rock that ‘no-makeup’ look that we love. Not to mention improve the appearance of your skin’s texture over time (we are most definitely sold).

When creating our exclusive recipe, we wanted to ensure that it not only tasted delicious but was also full of good-for-skin ingredients. With the LK office being as sweet toothed as they come, we knew that we had to combine our favourite nutritious ingredients to make the most indulgent treat possible. Our raw caramel brownie square is an unbelievably delicious bite-sized treat and one which lasted all of five minutes in the LK office. The fudgy chocolate brownie partners perfectly with the thick peanut caramel and rich chocolate topping to give you the tastiest, peanuty bite. As mentioned, we tried to pack them full of our favourite skin-loving ingredients to help you look as great as you feel. Our star ingredients include:


Not only are these the perfect on-the-go snack, they are one of our baking staples. Packed full of vitamin E, riboflavin, antioxidant flavonoids and monosaturated fatty acids, almonds boast an impressive nutritional profile, which contributes to good heart health, reduced inflammation and fantastic skin.

Medjool Dates:

Chewy, caramely and packed full of minerals and fibre, it isn’t a surprise that these are crowned the ‘King of Dates’. These bite-sized joys aid in digestion, nutrient uptake, reducing blood pressure and increasing metabolism. If that’s not enough, they are also incredibly delicious and are very adaptable to both, baked and raw treats.

Raw Cacao:

Raw cacao is a nutritional powerhouse. Extremely high in antioxidants, iron, calcium and magnesium, cacao is the perfect mood-elevator and energy-boosting snack that aids in reducing blood pressure and strengthening our bones and teeth. If the nutrition isn’t enough to convince you, the rich and creamy taste should be.

The new BAREPRO™ Liquid Foundation has launched today exclusively at bareMinerals Boutiques, Debenhams & on bareminerals.co.uk, and will be launching on 7th September nationwide. Head over to a bareMinerals counter to find your shade of skin perfection and indulge in a delicious raw caramel brownie available exclusively at bareMinerals Boutiques.