I really really cannot believe what has happened in this year. Out of all my 26 years so far, this last year has most definitely been the most eventful, fun and exciting. I mark the LK birthday from the first day that the crumbles were sold in Selfridges. Although a lot of hard work and planning had gone into LK already by this stage, this date really marks the first huge accomplishment and set the tone for the rest of the things to come.

I thought in this post I would share the LK timeline with you, so for those of you who don’t know how and when it all started, you can read a little about it here. Most importantly though, I wanted to use this post to say the most massive THANK YOU to you all.  I am very aware that many of the things I have achieved so far would not have been possible without all of your support. I am so grateful to all of you who follow me, read my blog and make my recipes. I feel such happiness and satisfaction when I see that my story and recipes are inspiring others and I will continue to do everything I can to make LK a success so that you can all keep enjoying it.

I really hope that my story shows people that with a lot of hard work, determination and passion, anything is possible. I have never felt defeated since starting the business, although there have been undoubtedly difficult times. Last year, before starting the company I felt lost at times and so undecided as to what I was going to do. I want people to see here that that is okay. We don’t always need to have a set plan and route. Life happens, and it is how we deal with the things that we are faced with which will determine everything. For me, I was studying neuroscience and had always planned on continuing working in that field. I had begun to doubt it though for several reasons, and it was at that time when I was diagnosed with food intolerances to so many things. Being told that I had to stop eating food like bread, pasta, pizza, doughnuts etc etc was something that really affected me. I loved all things food, and I felt seriously down about the prospect of not being able to enjoy those things. Instead of letting it bring me down though, I decided to embrace it and to try and make it as exciting as I could… and that is how LK started! I recognised that I have an undying sweet tooth and that I like to be able to satisfy my cravings rather than try to limit them. So, I set out to be the queen of natural baking, ensuring to create products and recipes that are always delicious and indulgent so that people feel that they can have their favourite foods but just in a different way.

Instead of writing about all my highlights, I thought I would share with you all some of my phone photos from this year. It has been such fun going through my photo library and remembering all of these times.

I can’t wait to continue building the LK empire! This next 12 months is already set to be more exciting than the last (if that is possible), and soon I am going to be able to share with you all the amazing things that are yet to come!


First ever crumble experiments- end of May 2014


Branding and design developments-June 2014


First day on the Entrepreneurathon course at UCL-mid June 2014


Crumble baking for first event- July 2014


First and worst to date crumble accident. Boiling berry compote pan slipped from my hand- July 2014


Scolded arm from berry compote accident -July 2014


Winner of the UCL business course- August 2014


First bit of big exposure- VOGUE instagram- August 2014


The crumble’s first photoshoot- August 2014


Virgin food fest with Mr B- September 2014


Charity event selling crumbles with help from my special friend- September 2014


Crumble Launch party- end of September 2014


My biggest supporters at the launch party- end of September 2014


Launch party- end of September 2014


How the crumbles first looked- October 2014


First day of Crumble is Selfridges- End of October 2014


On the rounds doing home deliveries- December 2014


Fare Healthy event No.1 where crumbles were a sell out- January 2015




The launch of LK crumbles in Planet Organic- March 2015


Happy summer elves taking a break from crumbling- June 2015


New branding- 2015


Selfridges Christmas Press show- showcasing our exclusive alternative Christmas cake for winter – July 2015


The Allergy Free From Show- July 2015


The arrival of the LK van! May 2015


Van full of crumbles for deliveries-May 2015



Raw chocolate orange brownie demonstration with Deliciously Ella at Jamie Oliver’s Big Feastival- August 2015


Christmas cake for Selfridges to launch November 2015


Fare Healthy event No.2- Crumble sell out again!- September 2015


A very suitable birthday cake for our first birthday. Chocolate peanut butter gooey heaven


Me- blowing out the LK cake first birthday candles-October 2015