The hardest secret to keep, ever.

Livia’s Kitchen has had a makeover! We’re bolder, brighter and braver but are still bringing you the most delicious, indulgent better for you treats.

Four years ago I made the crazy decision to start a business based solely on recipes that I had created in my parents kitchen. Fast forward two and a half years and I have a range of products which are distributed and sold in the biggest retailers across the UK. I could not be more proud of what we have achieved and will always be so grateful to my gut (minus its long list of intolerances) for giving me the courage to pursue my dream. Livia’s will always bring the most innovative and exciting products to the market. We will never stop striving for more and will never give up on chasing our dreams.

So what’s new, staying and what can you expect next.


The name (obviously). Livia’s is so much more than a company bound to the parameters and small ideas of a kitchen. Our innovation has moved us far away from the original small-scale brand philosophy landing us amongst the classic confectionary brands. Dropping the ‘kitchen’ was definitely the most difficult decision for us to make. It represented the beginning of our incredible journey but it was also the right time for us to make this change.

The bright and the bold. Our indulgent treats are changing the face of classic confectionery, rivaling mainstream players – watch out Cadbury’s, Mars; there’s a new kid on the block. To match this, our packaging had to be bolder and richer. It had to communicate deliciousness and indulgence delivered through creativity and bravery, whilst not completely losing its identity. We totally smashed that one.

The #hashtag. #Bettertreatyourself. Livia’s is about never compromising on taste, treating yourself daily and living life more indulgently. It’s the little pleasures that get us through the everyday grind. Each time you have a #bettertreatyourself moment (I hope there are many), tag us @livias on Instagram. Don’t forget the hashtag too… obvs. 

The products. We love dipping, dunking and diving into anything that involves nut butter. We have taken something that is so quintessentially British and given it a millennial makeover; Dunx, a scrumptious cookie paired with the most dreamiest of dips. Oh and our Millionaires have got a brand new look and new name – say hello to Million Squares.  


We couldn’t lose the apron. As a hugely iconic and emblematic feature of our brand, it was essential for us to keep the apron (we couldn’t go dropping both apron and kitchen). But, to complement our bolder brand image, we had to bring it to life, give it some energy and make it dance a little. The apron now twirls across the packaging, which is far more fun.

The innovation, surprise and delight. This will never change. We are constantly striving to create indulgent, better for you treats that will surprise you in every way possible. We will never settle for less taste and will always stand out from the crowd. We are leaders, not followers – there are no sheep here.

You guys. The support from you always warms my heart. My team and I work around the clock to make sure that we are delivering the very best and that each new product, from its packaging to our Instagram posts, connect with you on every level. You make our dreams possible and let our adventure continue – wow that was gushy.  

Livia’s has always been centred around inclusivity; to allow our customers to say ‘yes’ to delicious sweet treats, with no sense of missing out. This will never change.