8 London Fitness Classes to Try in 2019

We’ve pulled together the ultimate guide to 8 of London fitness classes to try in 2019. Last year we saw wellness become the new cool kid on the block and this year we want to continue to encourage you to enjoy the fun and fitness aspect of wellness. Say hello to the studios offering London’s most innovative fun-paced workouts.

Here is where to sweat and have fun at the same time.

Define London

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New to the London fitness scene in 2018, Define London offers high-tempo, sweat dripping, pulse extreme, barre fitness classes. If you love a bit of everything; cardio, strength, lengthening, stretching and toning then these classes are perfect for you. Located on Great Portland Street, Fitzrovia, Define London classes use a range of the ultimate toning kit; from sliders to hand weights, bosu balls to gymnic balls. All of this combined with pulses and squeezes along to your favourite motivational music you experience a non-stop, head-to-toe intense body-burning workout. You must give it a go!


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Exciting things came for Pyscle in 2018 with the opening of their new fitness floor at the Mortimer Street studio. Same location, but just bigger and better. I never thought they could top my love for their renewed spin classes, but having tried their new strength class I can vouch that any hopes you or I have to achieve a strong, lean and sculpted body this is the class you should definitely be doing throughout 2019. I’m hoping to get down there again soon to try their new Barre classes too!

Get Leggy at Frame

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Photo: https://shereemilli.com/2016/11/14/12-amazing-gym-classes-to-try-in-london/

An entire workout class that focuses on toning your legs and butt? What more could a girl ask for! This class is all about sculpting your pins, lengthening your muscles and lifting your glutes. Using just your bodyweight and ankle weights may not sound like much but trust me with all the pulses and isolated moves you’ll be struggling to walk the next day. Powerful and precise sums this class up perfectly! With 7 studios across London there is no excuse not to book yourself in and give this class a go.

Sweatbox at BXR

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Photo: https://www.bxrlondon.com/sweatbox.html

For those of you who follow my Instagram Stories you will know I am still a huge BXR fan. Sweatbox is one of the new classes I’ve been going to since trying to incorporate more strengthening workouts in to my fitness routine instead of just cardio, cardio, cardio. Its boxing focussed with strength and conditioning training that takes place on both the bags and floor. I love doing this workout either before or after a stressful day at the office. Its ideal if you’re in need of some stress relief.


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I’m so eager to try a class at KXU as I’ve seen so much hype for this studio all over Instagram! Their studio offers a combination of everything, from Spinning to Sparring, Deadlifts to Detoxes, all under one roof which is another huge selling point as I’m always looking to get in and out (back to the LK office). Not Out Kick sounds like the ideal class for me. Kicking, weaving and bobbing always leaves me feeling like a champ. KXU I’m coming for you in 2019 and I hope to see some of you there too!


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Photo: https://www.carlthompson.co.uk/further-reading-blogs/2018/4/12/introducing-kobox-fightclub-meets-night-club

The Kobox Chelsea and City studios became so popular in 2018 that they have newly opened their third studio in Marylebone. 50-minute, high intensity classes that relieve stress, enable you to get a good sweat on and are so much fun to do with a friend. I always enjoy a workout at Kobox!

Sweat IT

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Photo: https://ldnfit.com/2018/07/01/fitness-class-review-pillar-killer-at-sweat-it-aldwych/

Sweat It was another newbie in 2018. A luxury studio which offers a variety of HIIT classes; Pillar Killer for the abs, Machine Guns for shoulders and arms, and Engine Room for the legs and glutes. Each class is split between exercise on the treadmill and floorwork. A few minutes on the treadmill, a few minutes doing weights on the floor, sounds like a piece of cake right? Once you’ve gone from swapping back and forth more times than you can count you definitely start to feel the effects!

Lift & Row at Core Collective

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One of the many things to love about Core Collective is that they’re always bringing out new and innovative classes to keep your body fit and ensuring fitness is always fun. Lift & Row is a 45 minute class set to improve your all-round fitness which I’m definitely always working on. It has me puffing throughout and I’m always feeling the effects for the following few days. With a  combination of HIIT, strength and endurance its definitely a love and hate relationship I have with this class.  Give this one a go and please tell me you find it as challenging as I do!

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