Where to have lunch if you have a food allergy

Clearly we love to eat. We are good at it, we enjoy it and we aren’t ashamed of it. However, having lots of intolerances and allergies can sometimes prove difficult. So, we thought it would be a fun challenge to try lots of different restaurants around London (strenuous, I know) and find the top spots with the best free-from offerings. After a few months, we can finally say we have ticked off our entire list and narrowed down our favourites places with an allergy friendly menu.


Goat is the perfect spot for a tasty and wholesome lunch. They pride themselves on being creative but fulfilling and providing something for everybody. By using the freshest and finest ingredients, it is no surprise that is a favourite among the LK team. Our top picks are the pumpkin and sage tortellini with a zucchini and pea sauce (yum!) and the sea bass with a miso glaze. Everything tastes so fresh and delicious, this is a lovely spot for a lunch date. With so many choices on the menu you can have a light lunch or go for a heartier meal.

Timmy Green

Taken from the Daisy Green Collection

Part of the Daisy Green Collection, Timmy Green is the perfect spot for a quick lunch. With their express menu they promise to have you in and out in 30 minutes, so what better excuse do you need to ditch the desktop and plan a lunch date? Our top picks for a quick dish are the sashimi salad or the Asian chicken salad. They are both fresh and fragrant dishes that tick all of the boxes. If these don’t tickle your fancy, head over to Beany Green where you will find a selection of fresh salads and protein choices that you can choose from to build your own lunch.

Lima London

If you are in the mood for something fresh, you have come to the right place. Lima’s approach is towards authenticity, seasonality and freshness as they incorporate British produce with unique and unspoilt Peruvian ingredients. Their delicious menu pairs perfectly with their contemporary interiors to provide the perfect feast. Our favourites for a light lunch are the Amazonian Tree Tomato with Crazy Pea, Cobia with black tiger’s milk and chia seeds and the black bream ceviche. However, if you fancy popping in for dinner, the menu has a whole host of delicious dishes that will keep your tummy very happy!


The NED is one of the newest kids on the block; however don’t underestimate its presence. With such a variety of restaurants to pick from, there is definitely something for everyone to try! One of our favourites is the Malibu Kitchen. It is full of delicious, Californian food that definitely helps us enjoy the summer on these rainy days. We are obsessed with the vegetable rolls, young coconut salad, chia seed flatbread, salmon and poppy seeds and finally the Ahi tuna poke. The entire menu is amazing and we could definitely eat all of it! The NED is definitely the place to be if you want to feast.


If you are nuts for a healthy lunch, head to squirrel. The restaurant itself is a giant tree house so you can munch away on your lunch (in an acorn shaped bowl) and feel like a top-notch squirrel. Our favourite nutty nibbles are the Kale Yeah, Carroty Kid, Ginger Spice and the Guac ‘n’ Roll. All of their options are yummy so don’t be afraid to experiment or even pop in for breakfast!