Meet our Head of Product

Ever wanted to meet the brains behind the brand?

When I’ve asked you what content you want to see more of, lots of you say you want to see more of the team! From today, I’m going to start introducing you to each of my team members. As CEO I work with each team member very closely to grow Livia’s – you may have seen most of them on Instagram – but here I will be asking each person about their Livia’s experience and some personal bits and bobs!

To start the series I want to introduce you to our Head of Product Evie. Evie joined the company as creative assistant at Livia’s 3 years ago and now heads up the product team. She’s been on quite the journey to say the least! When she started, Livia’s was just a team of 5. We weren’t stocked in supermarkets yet and our main focus was growing our online community and focusing on a small range of products that we stocked in independent stores across London.

Here she shares more about her Livia’s experience.

How did you get your job at Livia’s?

After I finished university, I interviewed for an internship at Livia’s. Unfortunately it wasn’t the right time, so I started an internship at an events company. After working in events for 8 months I got an email from Livia’s asking if I would still be interested in working there. Not long after going into meet with Olivia again, I was offered a full time position as creative assistant. After a few months I started helping on NPD in the kitchen and then before I knew it I was working full time in product development under Olivia. Fast forward a few years and I am now Head of Product at Livia’s, experimenting with delicious treats every day!

What’s your favourite memory at Livia’s?

I have so many good memories from being at Livia’s. I love looking at how it was when I first joined (in 2017) in comparison to now. We have achieved so much over the years and I have made some of my best friends working at the company. Also, I love looking back at all of the product launches, although I spend lots of late nights at packaging print runs and at factory productions with Olivia, nothing beats seeing everyone go crazy for our new products. It is the best!!

Your biggest learning at Livia’s?

That nothing is impossible and there is always a way! Also, to check everything and then check it again 4 more times. 

What are you working on right now?

So many fun things. During lockdown we have pressed go on a lot of projects that we have been thinking about for a while now. So I spend a lot of my time doing packaging, speaking with the factory about production and new product trials and of course, in the kitchen trialling lots of yummy things.  

What are you most excited about for the year ahead?

Drinks with the team, being back in the office (and the factory) and lots of delicious NPD.

What do you miss most about not being in the office?

The chatter of the office, grabbing someone for a quick meeting on the sofa and drinks with the team. Bring on wine time! 

What’s your go-to work lunch?

Miso tofu salad – always! 

Your fave thing to do in lockdown?

Going for long walks and just slowing everything down.

Ok last one…fave Livia’s treat?

Always the hardest question. I am obsessed with Caramel Almond Swirl Dunx dip, I want to dive into a pool of it!!! But I am always a sucker for a medley of Nugglets. Nothing beats a mixed bowl. 

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know Evie!! I will be introducing the rest of the team over the next few months from sales, marketing and operations!