My Favourite Instagram Accounts

Sharing photos and videos on Instagram has become one of the most important parts of running LK. I knew that social media would become an integral part of my company, as it is for most brands nowadays, but I never foresaw the degree to which this would be true. I try to share a bit of everything, from my favourite quotes to whatever deliciousness is being cooked up at LK HQ, not to mention my slight addiction to Instagram stories (much to my elves dismay)! It’s such an amazing way to share more of a company, opening up the back end which often remains hidden and allowing people to see the highs and lows from behind the scenes.

It’s also a great space for getting inspiration and creating communities. I always look forward to hearing what you guys think, and I love reading and responding to your comments. It genuinely makes my day when I see pictures from people making the recipes and enjoying tub after tub of raw millionaire bites!

So, because I’m such an Instagram lover, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite accounts. From food to fashion, these are the accounts I always head to for a bit of inspiration…

Run by sisters Kath and Jade, these two have a love for all-things sweet. So, you might already be able to tell why this is one of my favourite accounts! I’m a big fan of their recipes, and I can’t even begin to describe the pictures on Instagram. The photography is stunning and the food is certain to leave you drooling at your screen!

Another beautiful food account, which also focuses on sweet treats! What’s great about this page is that each post shares a recipe from another account, so you can get inspiration from lots of people all in one place. When I’m scrolling through, I always wish the food in the photos would appear in front of me (so I wouldn’t recommend looking when you’re hungry!)

This has to be one of my favourite all-round foodie accounts. Laura Dale, aka the Notting Hill Foodie, mostly shares the food that she whips up herself at home, which is why I love looking at her photos for meal inspiration. Plus, Laura also eats out in lots of delicious spots around London and on her travels so it’s the perfect space to find new foodie spots.

Sarah and Philippa, have the most enviably chic but classic style. With over 20 years combined experience in the fashion industry, their Instagram has become my go-to for fashion and lifestyle inspiration; If they’re ever taking applications for a third “sister” I think I might have to apply – especially if it meant I got to raid their wardrobes.

This account definitely lives up to its name – it gives me serious wanderlust! It’s the Instagram of Brooke Saward who never seems to stop globetrotting. Though sometimes it can be a little bit depressing when I’m sitting in the office looking out at the rain, she shares the most incredible pictures from all around the world. So many destinations have been added to my bucket list!

Those that follow me will know that I love reading and posting quotes. Especially on a Monday, when everyone needs that extra bit of motivation. When I’m looking for inspiring or hilarious quotes, a Pinterest search is often my go-to. But on Instagram, this account is one of my favourites as it has everything from uplifting business-related messages, to quotes that will make you laugh out loud.