My Running Tips

With the olympics constantly playing and so many talented athletes showing off the results of years of hard work and training, I’ve been inspired to crack out my trainers and head over to Primrose Hill. I have always been a bit of a running-phobe and quite honestly, the prospect of a light jog up until recently has been pretty petrifying, let alone doing laps of Primrose Hill! I love going to classes and have been lucky enough to try some amazing gyms in London but sometimes it’s just nice to be outside whilst you exercise – especially when the weather is as beautiful as it has been. With the prospect of Winter ever looming and Mo Farrah’s incredible race popping up on every news channel I’ve been getting up super early, pulling on my trainers and getting outside!

After my first ever (extremely sweaty) run on Tuesday, I asked for some tips on how to improve and was literally inundated with so many amazing bits of advice. I’ve been putting a few of them into practise over the past 3 days and thought I would share some of the most helpful for anyone else who is new to the running game like I am.

  1. Get a good playlist!!! This is definitely one of the most important things for me, I’ve been loving the tropical house playlist on Spotify this week but I am also all for a bit of Beyonce!
  2. Get proper running shoes. I always run in asics, they are the only trainers that feel supportive enough to me and are definitely worth the investment.
  3. Setting small goals and starting with intervals. There was no way that I was going to run the whole way on my first time but I’m gradually increasing the distance and decreasing the amount of time walking; it’s easier to build it up slowly and it’s rewarding to notice yourself going a little further each time!
  4. SO many of you recommended the couch to 5k app so that is definitely on my list of things to download.

I’m hopefully going to keep this going so will update you all along the way. If you guys have any other tips or anything you would like me to write about whether it’s running, fitness or something completely unrelated, I would love to hear your suggestions!