Our 6 Best Summer Picnic Recipes

Summer’s here and all we want is sun, sun and some more sun! May offered some pretty tropical weather, with sunny and humid days followed by rain storms. Now we’re ready for weeks of sunshine (which may be to much to ask for when you’re in the uk…). They best way to spend a sunny day in our opinion is with a big picnic in the park or on the beach! Therefore we’ve decided to round-up our most indulgent picnic recipes that we definitely think you should try this summer!

Banana bread with chocolate chips

This heavenly banana bread will make you popular on any occasion, especially on a picnic! It’s so soft and gooey with pockets of melted chocolate everywhere, what’s not to love? It’s the perfect recipe to bake in the morning and bring to a picnic later that day. Serve as it is or spread some nut butter on for extra indulgence!

Salted Peanut Butter Slab

Easily portable peanut butter bars? Yes please! These salted peanut butter slab’s are one of your favourite recipes on the blog and we understand why, they’re just so delicious! On top of the perfectly crumbly oat base we put a great layer of salted peanut caramel that is then topped with a soft chocolate. Delicious.

Peach and Raspberry Tart

Nothing screams summer picnic more than a fruity tart! This one has a delicious oat crust, a sweet almond filling (that we go crazy about in the office!) and baked slices of peaches and raspberries. It’s easy to transport in tupperware and also easy to eat with your hands without getting too messy, what more can you ask for?

Fudgy Chocolate Cashew Brownie

If you’re not a fruity kind of person and goes all out for chocolate then these fudgy brownies are the thing for you! A good brownie is always hard to beat and this one is the best! It’s chewy because of the combination of cashew butter and ground almonds and a little bit under baked is our secret, making it super fudgy. As we’re sure you’ve gathered from Instagram, we’re always up for a good brownie in the office!

Jaffa Cakes

After a few hours of games in the park all you want is a small cake to re-gain some energy, and the perfect one to have is this Jaffa cake! Who knew that a healthy version of this classic bite size cake could be so similar to the real thing? The soft cake sponge combined with the clementine jelly and chocolate always hits the spot. It’s simply a must-make for your summer picnics!

Raspberry Muffins

We think that a muffin is always a good idea for a picnic. It’s the ultimate snack, somewhere between sweet and savoury (but in our case still pretty sweet). There are a few different good muffin recipes on the blog but this one with raspberries is the perfect one for summer!

We hope that this will take your picnic food to the next level! Let us know what your favourite summer recipes are in the comments below and if you re-make any of the recipes don’t forget to tag me on Instagram!