Pancake Day Round-up

Pancake Day is nearly here! Whether you’re eating out, making your own or serving a crowd, I’m sure you’re all as excited as I am. If you’re in need of some inspiration and tips, I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite recipes, tricks and places to eat out, so even if flipping pancakes isn’t your thing, you’ll be able to find the perfect stack!

Top Tips

  • Make sure you have a decent frying pan, and that it is really hot before you pour in any pancake batter.
  • Use a ladle to transfer the batter from the bowl to the pan – it’s so much easier and creates a better pancake shape.
  • Don’t stress over flipping them! Use a spatula if you need to, as this can be much more effective, especially for American-style pancakes.



If you can’t indulge on Pancake Day, then when can you? These pancake recipes look and taste so decadent they’ll make you wish Pancake Day came more than once a year! One of my favourites are the Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Chocolate and Coconut Sauce from the blog. They’re great for sharing with others, too (if you feel like sharing!) From the book, I’ve taken the classic combination of Cacao and Hazelnut and made them into pancakes. For an indulgent-tasting option that doesn’t involve chocolate, the Almond and Maca Pancakes will go down a treat.

I posted the recipe for the dreamiest Banana, Pecan and Maple Pancakes earlier on in the week. Also, look out for Quesedilla Pancakes filled with homemade nutella and caramelised bananas coming on Pancake Day!



If you’ve been eating pancakes all day (which, let’s face it, is the whole point of pancake day!) then it’s good to mix it up a bit. For something light and fruity, I’ve created my own take on the classic Lemon and Sugar crepe. I use coconut sugar here, as it’s perfect for sprinkling on top. There’s also a recipe for Lemon Drizzle pancakes on the blog, which are a must if you love Lemon and Poppyseed muffins! From the book, try the Blueberry and Banana Oat Pancakes. These are especially good as a Pancake Day breakfast.



If you’re going to do Pancake Day right, then toppings are essential! No stack is complete without an indulgent sauce. It’s great to mix and match between recipes, too. If you fancy the Almond and Maca pancakes with the sauce from the Banana, Pecan and Maple stack, then go for it – if you want both, why not!

To add some crunch, toppings of nuts and seeds always work really well. To make them even better, try caramelising them with maple syrup, coconut sugar and coconut oil. It takes no time at all, and is so worth it! I’m also all about adding chunks of raw chocolate or even chopped up millionaire bites for something extra special!

For something lighter, coconut yoghurt and fresh fruit is my go-to combination. I also love a berry compote, which can be easily made by heating some frozen berries with a little honey or maple syrup. Of course, these sweeteners are a great simple topping themselves, too.


I find that pancakes I can enjoy are hard to come across, even in London. However, I’ve managed to find a few that certainly don’t disappoint! Christopher’s in Covent Garden do an amazing Superfood Brunch, where you can get creative and build your own pancake stack. From buckwheat pancakes with coconut yoghurt & berries to the classic buttermilk, bacon and maple combination, they have something for everyone! The house pancakes at Farmacy in Notting Hill are also made with Buckwheat. They come served with my favourite toppings of coconut yoghurt and fresh fruit, too! Finally, there’s the Mae Deli. Their banana & coconut pancakes with a berry and apple compote are amazing all year round. But, just in time for Pancake Day, they’ve launched a chocolate sauce, peanut butter, banana and maple option. Yum!