Pip & Nut Toast Bar

As you can probably tell, I’m a nut butter addict. Peanut butter, cashew butter, almond butter… I love to use them all in my recipes! Pip and Nut are one of my favourite brands, as their products are completely natural, using nothing but nuts and a little salt. They’re also super-smooth and creamy, making them perfectly suited to drizzling, spreading and stirring through mixtures (and eating straight from the tube or tub!). When we heard they were launching a Nut Butter Toast Bar in Selfridges Food Hall, it seemed rude not to give it a try!

The Food Hall at Selfridges is pretty special – so much deliciousness in one place! With shelves of Raw Millionaire Bites, I might be slightly biased though! When you carry on past the bites, you end up at the food stalls. The lure of nut butter, and the rainbow of colourful toppings, led us straight to the Pip and Nut Toast Bar. It’s a simple set-up, which proves just how much you can do with a toaster and a few toppings. I think Pip says in the beginning of the Pip and Nut cookbook, that nut butter does not have to be spread on a sad piece of burnt white toast – this is so true!

Having already had a look at the offerings on Instagram, we got straight down to the important part – ordering! With four delicious options to choose from, we of course went for two slices, one topped off with marinated strawberries, almond butter and pumpkin seeds and the second slathered with avocado and almond butter. True to our brand, we headed straight for the sweet stuff and it most definitely didn’t disappoint! The avocado slice we chose more out of intrigue; Of course, avocado and almond butter are two of our favourite foods… but together? We tried to rack our brains to remember if we’d ever eaten a combination like this before (except in our avo frosting – drowned in maple and cacao!) we were a little suspicious but one bite in, we were totally won over! They are both wonderfully creamy, and the two together really complement each other. Definitely a great twist on the beloved avo toast!

As for the final two flavours, luckily some tastings were on offer. With such a sweet tooth, it was no surprise that I loved the peanut butter, grated apple and maple syrup combination. The apple had been cut into matchsticks, so they retained their crunch and juiciness. I’m also a big fan of spice, so the final offering of peanut butter, lime, chilli and coriander was another winner. Basically, the menu was all my favourite things put together!

The recipes at the Toast Bar are all in the new Pip and Nut cookbook. Here, they put nut butter to so many inventive uses, and not just sweet either! From hummus, to raw slaw, what you can do with nut butter is pretty incredible.

The Pip and Nut Toast Bar is open from 7:30am to 12:30pm everyday. It’s currently a pop-up, and will be in the Food Hall at Selfridges until 12th February. Hurry – you won’t want to miss it!