Tips for using social media to grow your business

Here are my top tips for using social media:

1. Be consistent

With the ever-increasing importance placed on social media, it’s important to be consistent across all platforms if you want to create a strong brand identity. For us, this isn’t just about our colours and frequency of posts; it involves our food, the styling, lighting, backgrounds, the faces behind the brand and lots of other things that go on behind the scenes.

2. Format content to optimise each platform

Although this may seem like a boring one, it is very important. There is no point taking 100 beautiful photos on a camera to then put them on instagram and miss half of the photo due to the size requirements. This is the same with Giffs and videos; Instagram will only allow videos, where as Twitter requires Giffs. These are all important things to note when you are creating content so that you don’t waste time.

3. Prioritise networks that suit your business the best

It’s important to find a network that works for your business and your customers. Our focus is on gooey indulgence and the best way for us to portray this is with delicious photos and short videos. For us, Instagram and Twitter are the perfect platforms to show you what we do and how we do it.

4. Ensure your content aligns with your message

This is an important one for LK. We love to let you see how we work even when it is chaos. Our goal is to show you that indulgence isn’t just delicious; it is also messy and sometimes requires a team of 4 to get one nice photo! Obviously the majority of our posts involve cake, and that’s not just because we love it, that is what we do on a daily basis to create delicious recipes for all of you. We strongly believe that it is important to indulge and enjoy yourself (we may do it more regularly than recommended) and that is what we try and show you.

5. Find a balance between business and fun

Luckily, our work goes hand in hand with fun. I think its important to show people behind the scenes, whether that is baking up a storm with my elves in the LK kitchen, an intense boggle match, chatting about the daily challenges of running your own company or just having fun with my family on a Sunday. By showing you all a bit of both, you are able to meet the faces behind LK and we are able to have fun getting to know you and what you are interested in.