Our top dairy alternatives

As you all know, the LK office is a dairy-free hub, however, we are passionate about creating authentic and delicious tasting treats that everyone will love. We have gathered up some of our favourite dairy alternatives that we use daily to show you how easy it is to put a dairy-free twist on a traditional pud or to switch up your favourite breakfast.


Love it or hate it, you can’t beat coconut as a dairy alternative. With so many coconut products, it’s easy to find something to suit every recipe. As we are big fans of coconut, it wasn’t hard for us to have narrow down our  favourite types:

Coconut oil 

This is the perfect substitute for butter. We use it in everything so it shouldn’t be a surprise that this is first on our list! It’s perfect in cakes, raw chocolate and for cooking our favourite banoffee pancakes

 Coconut yoghurt 

This is a winner. We love it as a creamy topping for our new favourite summer crumble , as a filling for a show stopper trifle or in a big bowl with lots of brownie chunks, peanut butter and berries. Coconut yoghurt is definitely our go-to treat for a quick snack or to add a creamy dimension to any dish, just make sure you go for a brand that uses real coconuts and is not coconut flavoured. 


Crunchy, creamy and undeniably delicious, cashews are one of our favourite ingredients. Milk them, blitz them, freeze them, you will be surprised by their uses and you will see why they are one of our top dairy alternatives. 

Cashew cream

If you soak cashews overnight and blend them up, you will be left with a thick, nutty cream.  From this you can make our fave berry cheesecake from our book, or a delicious bowl of peanut butter ice cream, also from the LK book. Serve either of these up at a dinner party or a Sunday lunch and you will be praised by your dairy-loving guests. 

Cashew milk

Who doesn’t love a cold glass of milk? Soak and blend some cashews with filtered water and you will get a silky, creamy cashew milk. This is delicious in some overnight oats, a steamy bowl of porridge or with a side of cacao and coconut cookies.


Sometimes we like to keep things simple (but obviously delicious). Almond milk is our go-to weekday breakfast topping and baking milk. It’s creamy, versatile and fool-proof so you will always find a large stock in the LK kitchen (if we haven’t had 5 bowls of oat puffs each). It works so well in all recipes, but one of our favourite ways to use it is in our blueberry crumble muffins. 

With so many varieties on the supermarket shelves, it can be easy to get confused, so our top tip is to buy the one with the least ingredients (our favourite only has three) and to steer clear of the sweetened brands. So, if you want something easy to use and yummy, Almond milk is a safe bet.

Brown Rice

Brown rice milk is a great dairy free alternative for those with a sweeter tooth.  Although unsweetened, rice milk is naturally sweeter than our nutty milk friends. Our favourite way to use this is in a frothy turmeric latte or a steaming hot coffee. However, when purchasing, stick to the same rules, if you can’t understand the ingredients walk away, it’s not what you want or need. 


Soak, blend and sieve, oat milk is a delicious dairy alternative that is super simple to make, or if you are feeling lazy, there are some great brands available. This cheap, dairy free milk works well in porridge, pancakes, cookies or a thick creamy hot chocolate. Although less sweet than almond and cashew milk, it is the perfect addition to your kitchen cupboard for when you want to switch things up. Our favourite way to use oat milk is in chocolate hazelnut pancakes