Valentines Round-Up

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and there is no better way to show someone you care than making yummy treats! Whether you’re spending the day with your partner, friends or on your own, I’m all about indulging! I’ve recently put up a recipe for a Valentine’s cookie fondue, which is a lot of fun as well as being delicious. Here, I’ve done a round-up of lots of other recipes perfect for Valentine’s Day. From breakfast in bed, to a romantic dinner. There are also edible gifts, like truffles and fudge, and finally, the all important ‘pretty and pink’ treats.

Although Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday this year, you can still treat your loved one to an extra special breakfast. Chocolate has to be the best way to start Valentine’s Day and, for a lazy morning, why not have Pancake Day two weeks early?! I love the Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Chocolate and Coconut Sauce from the blog. The pancakes alone taste so indulgent, but covered in the chocolate and coconut sauce, they are pure heaven! And who doesn’t love pancakes in bed? For something quicker and lighter, Granola Cups look really cute. My favourite fillings have to be coconut yoghurt and nut butter, with a sprinkle of berries.

These recipes make the perfect desserts for a Valentine’s dinner if you’re planning on cooking a romantic meal at home. For a show-shopper, the Raw Layered Berry Cheesecake is one of my favourite recipes from the book. With berries, vanilla and a sticky nut base, it’s a fairly light ending if you’re already pretty full. But for those like me, who always have lots of room left for dessert, the Raw Chocolate and Maca Molten Cakes are definitely for you! I’m still dreaming of their melt-in-the-middle fondant centre! From the blog, I would recommend the Salted Caramel and Chocolate Tarts as a happy medium between the two.

For me, the best presents you can give are ones you can eat! I think giving someone special a thoughtful gift that you have gone to the effort to make will always be appreciated. Edible gifts are all about little bites of deliciousness, that can be beautifully wrapped and presented. On the blog, the Chocolate Fudge Snowballs and Peanut Butter and Maca Fudge are perfectly suited for this. From the book, Raw Cacao and Peanut Butter Truffles are certain to be a winner.

Valentine’s Day is not complete without ‘pretty and pink’ sweet treats. The kind of recipes that look so beautiful, you almost won’t want to eat them (almost!!) The combination of chocolate and raspberry works especially well for these kind of treats, like the wonderfully gooey Chocolate Cupcakes with a Raspberry Frosting I created last Valentine’s Day. The frosting uses soaked cashews to make it smooth and creamy, whilst the raspberries create a gorgeous colour. It’s the same for the filling of the Raspberry Coconut Bars from the blog. Away from chocolate, the Strawberry Crumble Parfait is definitely very pink! It would make a great Valentine’s movie snack too. Finally, the Peanut Butter and Jam Slice has to be one of the prettiest recipes I’ve made. With three layers – a sticky base, berry jam and peanut butter cheesecake – there is nothing better!