Welcome to my new website!!!

So here it is, the launch of my very exciting new website. I know so many of you have been waiting a long time for it, and I am so appreciative for all your patience…

I welcome you all into my kitchen, my absolute favourite place in the world.  It is in this kitchen where every single part of my business takes place. Back in June 2014 I started to experiment with crumble flavours in this kitchen, and it is still the place where all the crumbles are made. My parents, have been the most supportive parents anyone could ask for, and they have given up their house in order to allow my company to grow. On each bake day, we now make at least 400 crumbles and I have 6 crumble elves helping me with the baking on each of these days. So, my parent’s beautiful kitchen is transformed into a crumble factory twice a week, and for the other days it is usually being used by me whilst I do recipe experimentation. Although we are now reaching crumble capacity in this kitchen and are now looking to have them made somewhere else in the near future, this kitchen will always be central to my company, and it is a pleasure to now share its creations with you.

After creating a range of deliciously nutritious crumbles which I am so happy to have stocked in some of the best London stores (with hope to expand nationwide very soon), I started to experiment with so many more recipes using only natural ingredients, and I quickly realised that there was a world of possibilities.

I launch this website with three of my favourite sweet recipes, and I am so excited for you all to start making them in your own kitchens using the #liviaskitchen. It will be such fun to see you all mixing up my creations, and I can’t wait to hear what you think. After the launch of this site, I will be uploading new blog posts weekly. I hope you love all my recipes and will grow to love my kitchen, products and recipes as much as I do!!!