World Chocolate Day!

I think this might be my favourite celebration day ever – it’s World Chocolate Day! I’ve been gearing up to this for a while, as I wanted to share the LK guide to making the most of it. Here, I’ve got everything from my favourite chocolate brands, to chocolatey LK recipes. Although a lot of my recipes contain some chocolate, I’ve rounded up a few that I think are really special and will live up to World Chocolate Day. So make sure you have your cacao powder at the ready and let me know how you’re celebrating by using the #liviaskitchen.

Making your own chocolate is so much easier than you think and takes less than ten minutes work. Once the cacao butter has melted, add the other ingredients to the pan whilst over a low heat and you’re more or less ready to go. To make a bar of chocolate, pour into a small, lined tray and leave to set in the freezer until firm (about an hour). Enjoy as it is, or break into chunks to stir through a recipe.

If I don’t make my own, there are plenty of amazing raw chocolate brands out there. My staple is probably Ombar and I’ll often use it in recipes as well as having as a treat. Usually, I’ll break the 72% cacao bar into chunks and use it in flapjacks, cookie dough and other mixes. For treats, I love the mylk chocolate buttons and other chocolate flavours like lemon and green tea.  For something special, I love everything from Booja Booja and in this hot weather I’ve been stocking up on their ice cream.

Although it’s a challenge I’m willing to accept, there’s no way I could have tried all of the chocolatey, yet healthy, desserts in London. So, these are just a few of the delicious ones I’ve discovered. I have to say, I do find that raw chocolate desserts are very hard to resist and when I go out to raw restaurants like Nama and Wild Food Cafe, I always order one. For a chocolatey snack, Tanya’s have lots of different raw treats on offer as well as a dreamy chocolate mylk. At Rawligion, I am in love with their zillionaire shortbread and chocolate mouse pots! Finally, for something cold Yorica do really yummy (and dairy-free) chocolate frozen yoghurt.

If you can’t have chocolate for breakfast on World Chocolate Day, then when can you? For a subtle hit of the good stuff in the morning, I would recommend preparing these Cacao and Banana Porridge Squares the evening before. They’re the perfect on-the-go breakfast, but I have been known to snack on them during the day too! If you’re after an indulgent all-out chocolate breakfast (and I don’t blame you!) then you won’t be disappointed by these Chocolate Hazelnut Pancakes complete with a chocolate sauce. If you’re morning is a bit rushed, then you can definitely have these for dessert instead.

Speaking of desserts, there are plenty of recipes in both the book and blog that are perfect for World Chocolate Day. From the book, I couldn’t forget the Chocolate Orange and Caramel Cake Tart. The classic combination of chocolate orange is such a crowd pleaser, and my favourite flavour of the raw millionaire bites, too!

Chocolate Bourbon Biscuits – Always the first to go from the biscuit tin, I knew I had to create my own recipe for this! With a velvety chocolate middle in between crunchy chocolate biscuits, I think I’ve managed to make them even better.

Truffles – If you want to make your own truffles then they have to be these Chocolate Fudge Truffles. Unlike other truffles, these ones don’t use dates, so they really taste like the traditional ones! On world chocolate day, I would recommend rolling them in some raw cacao powder, instead of desiccated coconut.

Brownies and Chocolate Cake – For baked brownies, I love these Salted Caramel ones on the blog but there’s also an amazing recipe for Raw Frosted Chocolate Brownies in the book.

Raw Millionaire Bites and Biccy Boms – Of course, it wouldn’t be World Chocolate Day without an LK Biccy Bom! Both are topped or coated in chocolate, but for double the chocolate you have to go for the Chocolate Biccy Boms!