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Neuroscientist turned entrepreneur

After studying neuroscience at UCL Olivia is diagnosed with a long list of severe food intolerances. Life for Olivia feels gloomy as she discovers she can’t eat the sweet treats she loves so much. Olivia decides to change career direction with an idea to launch a natural, free-from snacking range. Livia’s (then known as Livia’s Kitchen) first chilled product Superfood Crumbles is born and launch into Selfridges.


Livia's team grows

Crumbles are a huge success in Selfridges and the Livia’s team starts to grow. Olivia recruits two people to help her with everything from manufacturing to accounting. Not only is Olivia’s parent’s kitchen a factory, the bedrooms are used as storage facilities and the living room turns into an office.


Millionaire Bites Launch!

Livia’s launches its first cookbook, which goes onto be a best seller. Olivia then goes onto dream up another exciting product, Raw Millionaire Bites (now called Million Squares) in Selfridges, which sell out overnight. As much as the team loved working at Olivia’s parent’s house it is now time to find an office and the team move into their first office space in Camden, London.


New product innovation continues

Livia’s continues to innovate and launch a second product range called Biccy Boms.
Livia’s products launch Million Squares in hundreds of Sainsbury’s supermarkets across the UK. Olivia’s dream to make delicious free-from treats accessible to all is becoming very real and it’s a hugely exciting time for the company.
The Livia’s team grows quickly and move to a much bigger space in Queen’s Park, London.


Livia’s goes mainstream

Livia’s launches new product range Nugglets exclusively in Whole Foods UK which go on to be the retailer’s most successful product launch ever! Livia’s then goes onto launch ranges into 1000’s of Boots and Tesco stores. A new flavour of Million Squares ‘Salted Peanut Butter’ launches and Livia’s opens an ice-cream pop up in Central London to celebrate. Livia’s launch its first advent calendar which sells out within an hour!


Livia's continues to see rapid growth

Livia’s fourth innovative product range Dunx launches in Whole Foods UK, Boots and over 1000 Tesco Express stores in queue. The team continues to grow and is now a team of 15!
Livia’s Kitchen becomes Livia’s and gets a fresh new look after undergoing a major rebrand. Livia’s launch in Holland & Barrett, Sainsbury’s local and Co-op.

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