How it started

Whilst studying for her second masters in neuroscience back in 2014 Olivia was diagnosed with severe food intolerances including dairy and wheat. She found herself feeling low in energy and unwell after many meals and snacks. Prior to being diagnosed, she was the biggest sweet treat guzzler. Frosted cupcakes, jam doughnuts - you name it. But then everything had to change and her diet became more restricted.

Olivia started shopping in health stores to find free-from products, but there was never a product that tickled her fancy. She didn’t want to dunk an energy ball or protein bar into a cup of tea! NO THANK YOU! She needed something decadent and indulgent to enjoy at tea time. But nothing existed that hit the spot that was also natural and free-from ingredients. So Livia's was started!

We quickly discovered you could make the MOST scrumptious treats with the simplest of ingredients. The more we researched the benefits of natural ingredients, the more passionate we became about Livia’s mission.

Why we’re different

At Livia’s we have always been about indulgence and always will be. Taste comes first but so does using
only the best non-artificial ingredients and we will never compromise on either. We are the only brand that innovates and makes truly unique and magical treats that are always 100% plant-based.