Chocolate brownie bar

These are a cross between a brownie and a cookie. They are the best straight out of the oven when they are warm as the chocolate chunks are melted and gooey making them the best comforting treat. I love making big trays of them for when i'm having an afternoon at home with my family.

Prep: 10 minutes

Cook: 15 minutes

Total: 25 minutes

Suepr easy


    Brownie bar

  • 1.5 cups Coconut milk (245g) - the hard bit on the top of the can,½ cup Cacao powder (100g),1/2 cup Maple syrup (100ml),1 cup Ground almonds (135g),1 cup Oat flour (105g),1 cup Jumbo oats (120g),1 cup Cashew butter (150g),Generous pinch of Sea Salt,35g Dark chocolate (we used Ombar 72%)


  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius and line a baking tray.

  • In a saucepan, add the coconut milk, cacao powder, maple syrup, cashew butter and sea salt. Stir this over a medium heat until it is fully combined.

  • At this stage, add in the ground almonds, oat flour and jumbo oats.

  • Chop the chocolate into chunks and stir through the chocolate mixture.

  • Pour the mixture into the baking tray and cook for 15 minutes. It should be firm on the outside but still soft and gooey on the inside.

  • Enjoy these warm!

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