Christmas Chocolate Fudge Snowballs

I have always loved chocolate truffles and haven’t really had them since changing the way I ate. These are so so delicious and really taste and feel like a more traditional truffle! The combination of coconut oil and cacao butter means they have the most creamy texture and a really rich chocolatey taste. I will definitely be making them to give as little gifts over christmas!






    makes 10

  • 50g cacao butter,50g coconut oil,8 tablespoons cacao powder,3 tablespoons maple syrup,4 tablespoons almond butter,1/4 teaspoon vanilla powder,Pinch salt


  • Chop the cacao butter into fairly small chunks and add to a bain marie along with the coconut oil over a low heat.

  • Once that has melted, add all other ingredients and mix until you have a smooth chocolate.

  • Place in the fridge for about 45 minutes until it has firmed up.

  • Once it has set, use a spoon to get a bit of the mixture and use your hands to roll it into balls. (This is quite messy)

  • Sprinkle the desiccated coconut onto the balls and return to the fridge for an hour or so until they are firm again.

  • Remove from the fridge 10-15 minutes before eating.

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