Christmas Cranberry Caramel With a Chocolate Mousse

I love cranberries and always pile my christmas dinner plate high with cranberry sauce! They are also such an amazing ingredient to include in your sweet dishes though too as they add a nice sour bite. I wanted to create a dessert option that had the flavours of christmas but that was slightly different to the more conventional chocolate log or christmas pudding and I think this is definitely a great alternative. I can’t wait to serve this on Christmas day!







  • 3/4 a can of coconut milk (full fat),240g cranberries (190g added initially and then 50g later),2 tablespoon coconut sugar,300g squidgy pitted medjool dates (roughly 16)
  • Mousse

  • 290g squidgy pitted medjool dates,3 ripe avocados,7 tablespoons cacao powder,pinch salt,2 tablespoons coconut oil softened but not melted


  • Caramel:-

  • Add 190g of the cranberries, the sugar and the milk to a pan on a medium heat and cook until the cranberries have broken down (about 10 minutes).

  • Whilst that is cooking, blend the dates in a food processor until smooth.

  • Add the blended dates to the pan along with the remaining cranberries and cook for a further 10 minutes or so until the cranberries are soft but not entirely broken down.

  • Mousse:-

  • Blend the dates until you have a smooth caramel.

  • Add the other ingredients and blend it until it all comes together and is smooth and glossy.

  • To assemble, spoon the caramel into the bottom of the glass and then top with the chocolate mousse.

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