Raw Salted Caramel Cheesecakes

These dairy free raw salted caramel cheesecakes are the dream. My love for salted caramel is real! Some might say I have an obsession. But it's a classic and popular flavour for a reason, so I see no reason to stop using it as inspiration for my recipes. The salted caramel topping is the crowning glory of this cheesecake. You really have to make them, because they are pure indulgence! If you love a cheesecake as much as we do, make sure you check out this delicious berry cheesecake or for something even more indulgent this chocolate caramel cheesecake. Don't forget to tag #liviaskitchen so we can see all of your delicious creations!

Prep: 20 minutes (+ 4-6 hours soaking cashews and 4 hours to set)


Total: 8-10 hours




  • 40g (1 cup) Brown Rice Puffs,30g (3tbsp) Coconut Sugar,20g (2tbsp) Cacao Powder,35g (4tbsp) Cacao Butter, melted,30g (1tbsp) Cashew Butter
  • Cheesecake

  • 200g Cashews,10tbsp Maple Syrup,2tbsp Coconut Milk (the hard part from the top of the tin),15g (2tbsp) Cacao Butter, melted
  • Caramel

  • 60g Choco Hazel Dunx Dip,3 dates


  • Cover the cashews in water and leave to soak for 4-6 hours.
  • Blend all of the ingredients for the base together in a food processor. Get a silicon muffin tray, divide the mix between each case and press down firmly.
  • Place the cheesecake ingredients into a food processor and blend until really smooth. This should take around 5 minutes. Spoon on top of the bases.
  • To make the caramel, place all the ingredients into a pan and melt together over a medium heat until it's thick and glossy. Drizzle of the cheesecake layer.
  • Place in the fridge to set for at least 4 hours.

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