Berry biscuits

This gluten free oaty berry biscuits recipe is my current favourite. They are the perfect afternoon snack or a wonderful breakfast treat with a drizzle of peanut butter or dairy free yoghurt. The golden oaty biscuits have a lovely crunch and work so well with the sweet, fruity jam. We love making a big batch of these when we have meetings in the office. They always go down so well! These cookies are also free from dairy and nuts so are perfect for anyone with intolerances or sensitivities. Don't forget to tag #liviaskitchen so we can see you baking up a storm! For more delicious biscuit recipes see here.

Prep: 15 minutes

Cook: 30 minutes

Total: 45 minutes



    Vanilla Cookie

  • 2 ½ cups Oat flour (225g),¾ cup rolled Oats (60g),100ml Maple syrup,2 ½ tablespoon Coconut oil,2 tablespoon Coconut sugar,1 teaspoon Vanilla powder,Pinch of Sea Salt
  • Berry Jam

  • 200g Raspberries,3 tbsp Maple Syrup,½ tsp Vanilla Powder,3 tbsp Chia Seeds


  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius and line a baking tray.

  • In a bowl mix together the ingredients for the biscuit.

  • Once this has fully combined, roll the mixture into a ball with your hands and place on a piece of baking paper. Put another piece of baking paper on top of this and then use a rolling pin to roll out the mixture.

  • When you have rolled this out to an even thickness, cut out round cookies.

  • Place these on the baking tray and place into the oven for 15 minutes.

  • Whilst they bake, add the jam ingredients to a pan on a medium heat.

  • Leave the jam to bubble away, stirring occasionally – you want a thick chia jam with the raspberries broken down.

  • Once the jam is ready, leave it to cool for 10 minutes then assemble the biscuit sandwiches by spreading jam on 5 of the cookies. Put the remaining cookies on top and press down gently.

  • These are best eaten straight away! However, if you want to put the jam in a jar and save some for later, make sure you store it in the fridge to keep it fresh.

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