Peach and Raspberry Tart

This peach and raspberry tart recipe is the perfect comforting treat for spring. We devoured this tart immediately in the office. It’s THAT good! The peaches and raspberries makes us feel like spring is truly on the way, even though the weather outside may say something else… The sourness from the raspberries is softly broken by the sweetness of the almond filling.

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Prep: 20 minutes

Cook: 40 minutes

Total: 60 minutes

Suepr easy


    Oat crust

  • 220g oat flour (2 cups),50g buckwheat flour (1/3 cup),100g maple syrup (1/3 cup),115g melted coconut oil (1/2 cup & 1 tbsp),2g cinnamon powder (1 tsp),Pinch of salt
  • Sweet almond filling

  • 30g melted coconut oil (2 tbsp),150g maple syrup (1/2 cup),50g buckwheat flour (1/3 cup),95g ground almonds (1 cup)
  • Toppings

  • 100g frozen raspberries (defrosted - 1 cup),2 peaches,Maple syrup


  • Turn on your oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

  • Mix your melted coconut oil and maple syrup and add the rest of your oat crust ingredients. Mix until it becomes a firm dough and put it in your tart case. Flatten it out with your hands all the way up to the edges, make sure that it’s the same thickness all around.

  • Bake the tart case for 20 minutes until it’s coloured a little bit.

  • Make your sweet almond filling by mixing the coconut oil, maple syrup, buckwheat flour and ground almonds into a paste and place it into your baked tart case and smooth out the surface.

  • Thinly slice your peaches and place them on top of the marzipan layer, fill the gaps with raspberries. Coat the fruits in a little bit of maple syrup and bake for another 20 minutes.

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