Raw frosted chocolate brownies

These raw gluten free frosted chocolate brownies are so quick to make, and contain such simple ingredients! The hazelnuts give the brownie a ‘Nutella’ flavour and the soft medjool dates make them perfectly sweet and gooey. Before I was diagnosed with intolerances - chocolate brownies were always my go-to afternoon snack when I was out. When I had to cut out dairy and gluten, I thought I would never be able to have brownies again. But then I discovered how to make raw brownies with 100% natural ingredients, and I really think that these are better than so many other brownies I had had before. You are going to love this! See more gluten free and dairy free sweet recipes here.

Prep: 20 minutes + 20 minutes setting time


Total: 40 minutes




  • 200g raw hazelnuts whizzed into a flour,100g raw hazelnuts to pulse in at the end,300g pitted soft medjool dates,5 tablespoons raw cacao powder,1 tablespoon maple syrup,¼ teaspoon salt
  • Frosting

  • 1 ripe avocado,5 tablespoons maple,4 tablespoons cacao powder,3 tablespoons almond butter,2 tablespoons slightly melted raw coconut oil


  • For the brownie:

  • Whizz the first 200g of raw hazelnuts in a food processor until a fine, flour like substance is formed.

  • Add in all other brownie ingredients, except for the remaining hazelnuts. Process until the mixture is smooth, well mixed and sticky. (The dates should be really soft and sticky before use. You can let them soak in hot water for 10 minutes to soften them before using if they are a little too firm).

  • Add in the remaining hazelnuts and process until the nuts have been broken down into small pieces. You want to be able to still see small pieces of nut.

  • Place this mix into a brownie tin and smooth the mix out across the tin so that it is appox. 1cm thick.

  • For the Frosting:

  • Mix all frosting ingredients in a food processor until the mix is well mixed, smooth and creamy. Ensure that there are no chunks of avocado left!

  • Spoon the frosting over the brownie evenly.

  • Leave to set in the fridge for 20-30 minutes.

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